Choosing a pension scheme for your employees.

Choosing a pension scheme for your employees.

A pension scheme for your employees? An employer who wants to take good care of its employees cannot sidestep the issue of pensions. There are various reasons why employers should choose a Zwitserleven pension scheme.

Clear communication with employees

One of the most important reasons for you, as an employer, to take out a pension scheme with us is that we provide clear information for your employees. We understand that a pension scheme raises all kinds of practical questions, which we will be happy to answer via our Employee Desk, in presentations, and via websites. We will take much of the hassle of keeping your employees informed out of your hands.

Easy management of the pension scheme for the employer

Employers want to make sure that their employees' pension schemes are properly arranged, without having to spend too much time on it. That is why we give employers their own website.  The website gives employers a simple overview of the pension scheme and their employees’ pension accruals and allows easy reporting of changes.

Even more reasons for employers

Another reason why employers choose Zwitserleven is because of our pension schemes. Below we briefly introduce all pension schemes for employees and employers. Need any more reasons? Read on to find out why almost 15,000 employers have already chosen Zwitserleven.

All pension schemes for employees and employers at a glance

  • Nu Pensioen (Pension Now) is clear, responsible and complete. A new and clear way to accrue an investment-based pension. This pension scheme is a product of Zwitserleven PPI and Zwitserleven.
  • Exclusief Pensioen (Exclusive Pension) is a highly transparent pension scheme for employees. Under this defined contribution scheme, you pay separate amounts for pension, death, occupational disability and costs.
  • i-Pensioen (i-Pension) is managed fully online and therefore very affordable. This pension scheme is available as a Middelloon (average pay) scheme.
  • The Group Risk Insurance is an employee insurance policy. It allows you to offer your employees something extra, without the mandatory tax rules and legal documents that can complicate a pension scheme for employees.
  • For larger employers a pension scheme will always require customisation. For example, we can advise you on a segregated investment account on the basis of fixed interest or market value.

Need a quote or advice?

As a good employer, you want to choose a pension that is right for your business and for your employees. We have a wide range of options to suit every type of business. Such as an investment-based defined contribution pension scheme, possibly in conjunction with Nettopensioen. A complete overview of our products is available.

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other pension schemes, or would like to get specific advice on a pension scheme for your employees, contact an independent financial adviser. Zwitserleven has an excellent relationship with a large number of professional insurance advisers.