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With i-Pensioen you offer your employees a defined benefit with the service of Zwitserleven. The pension of your employees is not investment-based. Easily manage the pension scheme online.

Why i-Pensioen Middelloon?

Is i-Pension suitable for you?

Pensions are a complex matter. i-Pensioen is governed by the Dutch Financial Supervision Act advisory rules. Therefore, make sure to seek adequate advice about your pension scheme. For this purpose, Zwitserleven has been working with professional, independent advisers for many years. They will advise you on pension solutions from various providers. Are you looking for an independent adviser? Please enter your postal code here.

You can also contact Zwitserleven PensioenAdvies. In that case, you will only receive advice on Zwitserleven pension solutions. Keep in mind that advice will cost you some money. Have you requested an appointment? These are the next steps: 

  • We will contact you within five working days.
  • We'll listen to your wishes. You can choose between independent advice from an external adviser or advice from Zwitserleven.
  • Do you choose an independent adviser? We will be pleased to help you find an adviser in your region.
  • Do you choose Zwitserleven? In that case, one of our pension specialists will make an appointment with you.