With i-Pensioen you offer your employees a defined benefit with the service of Zwitserleven. The pension of your employees is not investment-based. Easily manage the pension scheme online. 

Why i-Pensioen Middelloon?

Zwitch Option

The Future of Pensions Act means that all pension schemes will have to be changed. Final and average pay schemes will be the most affected. You have four years to amend your pension scheme under the legislation. For employers with final or average pay schemes, we offer the i-Pensioen with Zwitch Option.

Transition to defined contribution scheme
With the Zwitch Option, you decide when to switch to a defined contribution scheme at a later date. The Zwitch Option offers the option to switch to the Zwitserleven Exclusief Pensioen or the Nu Pensioen of Zwitserleven PPI during the contract period (5 years), but no later than 1 January 2027.

After the switch, the features and conditions of the defined contribution scheme apply. These will be laid down in a new administration agreement, as a result of which the administration agreement for the i-Pensioen Average/Final Pay scheme will terminate. Entitlements accrued in the i-Pensioen Average/Final Pay scheme will remain in the existing scheme.


  • Zwitserleven already guarantees the maximum level of costs at the start of the defined contribution scheme at Zwitserleven and/or Zwitserleven PPI in the administration agreement for the i-Pension Average/Final Pay scheme.
  • If you switch to a pension provider other than Zwitserleven or Zwitserleven PPI, a fee will be due to Zwitserleven.
  • More information can be found in our offer and administration agreement or through your contact at Zwitserleven.

For whom?

  • Employers with an existing final pay or average pay scheme.

Need a quote or advice?

As a good employer, you want to choose a pension that is right for your business and for your employees. We have a wide range of options to suit every type of business. Such as an investment-based defined contribution pension scheme, possibly in conjunction with Nettopensioen. A complete overview of our products is available.

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other pension schemes, or would like to get specific advice on a pension scheme for your employees, contact an independent financial adviser. Zwitserleven has an excellent relationship with a large number of professional insurance advisers.