If you have an investment based defined contribution scheme, you know in advance what your expenses will be. This gives employers like yourself a lot of certainty. The other side of the coin, however, is that your employees will not know how much their pension income will be until the day their pension benefits actually come into payment. In other words, a defined contribution scheme based on investments until the retirement date creates uncertainty for your employees. For employees seeking greater security, Zwitserleven has a solution: ZekerheidZwitch. With ZekerheidZwitch, your employees buy defined old age and partner’s pension benefits already before their retirement date.

What is ZekerheidZwitch?

Your pension scheme offers employees various options that may affect their pension income. If an employee prefers greater security, they can opt for ZekerheidZwitch. With ZekerheidZwitch, they use part of their pension capital each month already before their retirement date to purchase defined old age and partner’s pension benefits. From their retirement date, the employee will then receive the same amount of pension income each month for that part. We call this a deferred pension.

Do any of your employees now have the HorizonBeleggen investment product? In that case, they will need to switch to ProfielBeleggen first. Your employees can check in MijnZwitserleven whether they have the option of selecting ProfielBeleggen. This will depend on your pension scheme.

More information

More information about ZekerheidZwitch is available on the page for employees.