All about pensions.


A Premie Pensioen Instelling or PPI (in English: Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision or IORP) is a new pension provider with a licence to invest pension contributions. 

Surviving dependants' pension

What will it mean for your partner and children if they cannot make use of the statutory benefits for surviving dependants? 

Occupational disability

Occupational disability and retirement are subjects many people would rather not think about yet when they are still in the middle of their active working life.

Defined contribution scheme

Defined contribution scheme is the name of a pension scheme for employees. 

Group pension

Group pension is a joint pension scheme for a group of employees. 

Average pay scheme

Average pay is the name of a pension scheme for employees. 

New employees and pension

It is a good idea to tell new employees about your pension scheme during the employment conditions discussion. 

Pension 1-2-3

Pension 1-2-3 provides simple and tiered information about the pension scheme. 

Pension in three tiers

If you want to make a well-informed choice about pensions, read more about the Dutch pension system here.

Pension accrual

In the Netherlands almost everyone who is employed accrues an old-age pension through their employer. As a supplement to the state pension, which is referred to as the AOW.

Pension contributions

Paying pension contributions is a way to take care of your employees, to ensure they have financial security even after their working life.

Choosing a pension scheme

There are various reasons why employers would choose a Zwitserleven pension scheme.