About Zwitserleven.

The pension specialist

Zwitserleven is the only insurer in the Netherlands that focuses on pensions. There’s no car, home contents or healthcare insurance - in other words, no distractions whatsoever. And that immediately makes us, as the only real pension brand, a specialist.

We offer everyone a pension in understandable language, with a clear overview. So that you - and your loved ones - know where you stand. We want to give pension beneficiaries the Zwitserleven feeling, and that everyone close to them can feel it too.

The Zwitserleven feeling

The Zwitserleven feeling

You know us from the Zwitserleven feeling. That is : the feeling you get when you have arranged your pension well, so that you can enjoy an old age worry-free. We believe that everyone deserves the Zwitserleven feeling. It is a feeling that you share.


The Zwitserleven feeling is inextricably linked to a beautiful world. We all want to have enough income to live on later, but in a world that is worth living in. Zwitserleven believes that the financial sector should take a leading role in achieving this.

Sustainable investment policy

Zwitserleven invests your pension funds in companies with sustainable operating methods. Climate, water and CO2 are major themes in our investments. As an investor, we encourage companies and governments to respect people, the environment and society. In this way we contribute to making the world in which we live more sustainable.

Sustainability information

The life insurance company SRLEV N.V. and the premium pension institution Zwitserleven PPI N.V. both use the Zwitserleven brand and trade name. In Europe, there are rules for providing information on sustainability in the financial services sector. We are required to provide information about the company and our products. Here you can find information about our companies:

Press releases

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Financial condition

Would you like to know more about Zwitserleven's financial condition? Read all about it in the Solvency Financial Condition Report.

About our organisation

Zwitserleven is the preferred insurer for now and later. In our operations, we rely on the umbrella organisation  Athora.