Pension Time.

More insight into your pension with a personal video call

If you have any questions about your pension situation, sign up now for our Pension Time service over video call. You will learn more about how your pension scheme works and what it provides. If you require advice, we will gladly refer you to an adviser.


Our employees will inform you about your personal financial situation. And you will gain more insight into the various options within the pension scheme.

Do you need some advice?

Please contact an independent adviser in this case. An adviser can advise you about what best suits your personal situation. 

Videocall wherever suits you

You can connect with a member of our team by video call, using your laptop, tablet or phone. A video call lasts 30 minutes.

How does it work?

  • Make an appointment by clicking the button below and choose a date and time. 
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation containing a secure link and a personal code.
  • At the appointed time, click the secure link and enter your personal code to start the call.

What is needed?

  • For making an appointment: your policy number. You can find this when you log into MijnZwitserleven
  • For the video call: a high-quality broadband connection or 4G coverage and a laptop or tablet with a webcam, or a smartphone. Please use browser Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox (preferably not Microsoft Edge Chromium).

Do you have a question about your pension?

We would love to help you out further through our Service & Contact page. Through this page you can contact us and the frequently asked questions can be found. 


MijnZwitserleven is your personal environment for all matters related to your pension. View your expected pension income and gain more insight into your financial future here.