The Zwitserleven Feeling.

The Zwitserleven Feeling

The Zwitserleven Feeling was conceived back in 1985. Quite successfully, because the expression has become so widely-know that it was included in the Van Dale dictionary. It is the longest-running campaign in the Netherlands. But what is the Zwitserleven Feeling? That carefree feeling knowing that you made the best arrangements for your retirement income.. That’s definitely a good feeling, even today.

We want to give everyone the Zwitserleven Feeling. How do we do that? By providing everyone with an opportunity to shape their own financial future. Now and later. We offer simple and accessible products and services, which will give you the carefree feeling of having taken care of everything, for now and later. That's right, the Zwitserleven Feeling.

With care for the future

The future is something that concerns us all. It is important to build a robust financial basis in a world that is vibrant and resilient. That is why we invest a share of your pension contributions in organisations that have embraced sustainability and operate fairly and responsibly.

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