Een jonge vrouw zit aan de voet van een grote boom met haar benen in het water van een meer. Het water is groen gekleurd door de weerspiegeling van de bomen en struiken.

Sustainable investments

With care for
the future.

With care for the future

The future is something that concerns us all. It is important to build a robust financial basis in a world that is vibrant and resilient. That is why we invest a share of your pension contributions in organisations that have embraced sustainability and operate fairly and responsibly.

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We invest in your future and in a better world

With over € 45 billion in assets, i.e. the capital our members have entrusted to us, we can drive change and impact businesses. Together, we can make a real difference.

Award-winning initiative to prevent deforestation

Award-winning initiative to prevent deforestation

Zwitserleven has joined an initiative with eight investors to stop investing in companies that are responsible for deforestation. Satellite images and artificial intelligence are used to map deforestation. This is how we encourage companies to adopt sustainable production methods and how we effectively monitor the status of their projects. We are proud that this partnership earned the 2021 ESG Engagement Initiative of the Year Award.

Investments in wind farms

Investments in wind farms

At Zwitserleven, we select companies for our investment universe based on their commitment to helping to further a sustainable future. Our investment in a wind farm near Perpignan, France, is a good example of such a company. This electricity producer raised a total of € 1.4 billion through a notes issue . All of that money has now been spent on wind farms, solar parks and a biogas project. A special feature of the wind turbine design in this project is that the turbines are virtually invisible to radar systems, which means that they do not disrupt radar images. That makes this project green as well as innovative.

This is how we work towards a better world

Our asset manager Cardano invests the pension contributions for us with a focus on financial return and sustainability. And as an investor, we encourage companies and governments to respect people, the environment and society. This is how we contribute to making the world we live in more sustainable.


On the basis of our fundamental investment principles, we select listed companies and countries which contribute to a liveable world.


We classify the selected companies and countries according to the significance of their positive contribution to the future.


We use voting rights, engagement talks and ESG scores to make the companies and countries which we invest in more sustainable.

Continuous assessment

Every quarter, we assess the investments in our portfolio. The results of our sustainability efforts are shared with our customers.

Most sustainable insurer

Most sustainable insurer

We are proud that we have once again been named the most sustainable insurer in the Netherlands by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO).

Investment funds

View the prices of all investment funds offered by Zwitserleven and its fund managers. A number of funds also show ESG scores, CO2 emissions and water use.

Partnership with Trees for All

We have a partnership with Trees for All. Together we planted the Zwitserleven forest with the money from small, non-distributable pensions. A food forest has also been planted in South Limburg with a view to biodiversity.

More information

Want to find out more about how we, in tandem with such partners as our sustainable asset manager Cardano, use our influence as an investor to help create a better world? Our investment policy explains how we go about achieving our goals. You might also want to contact one of our advisers. They can tell you more about our products and services.