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European rules on sustainable finance disclosure for Zwiterleven PPI (English: IORP).

Life insurance company SRLEV N.V. and Zwitserleven PPI (English: IORP) N.V. both use the Zwitserleven brand and trade name. In Europe, there are rules for disclosing information on sustainability in the financial services sector. The information on these European rules is different for SRLEV than for Zwitserleven PPI. 

European rules on sustainable finance disclosure

In Europe, there are rules for disclosing information on sustainability in the financial services sector. These rules also apply to Zwitserleven PPI.

Action plan for financing sustainable growth

The European Commission (EC) presented the Europese Green Deal in December 2019. This is a series of policy initiatives aimed at making Europe climate neutral by 2050. The EC drafted an Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth.

Rules and regulations for the financial sector

This action plan consists of a large number of rules and regulations affecting most financial institutions. The European rules for sustainable finance disclosure are part of this.
On the basis of the new rules, we ensure that you can read information on the following topics:

  • how we handle sustainability risks in our business operations, and 
  • how we take into account adverse sustainability impact resulting from our investment policy. 

You can read about the sustainable characteristics of the product we offer.
View our sustainable investment policy


Zwitserleven PPI invests the pension contribution of its clients. This is done by professional investors. The risks of investing are borne by the participant.

In our pension schemes, we offer various forms of investment. We select the funds for these forms of investment. We believe that the transition to a sustainable economy is necessary. Therefore, we assess the sustainability risks and opportunities of the funds we select. Investments are made within the funds. The integration of sustainability risks into the investment process therefore depends on the policy of an asset manager for a fund.

Zwitserleven PPI primarily offers a selection of Zwitserleven funds. These are managed by ACTIAM, an internationally recognised asset manager in the field of responsible, sustainable and impact investments. Approximately 99% of the investments of Zwitserleven PPI are held in these Zwitserleven funds. The way in which we integrate sustainability risks into the investment policy is therefore almost identical to the ACTIAM Sustainable Investment Policy.

In addition to ACTIAM funds, ASN funds and iShares from Blackrock are also offered. Both have a different way of investing and handle sustainability risks and opportunities in their investment process. Currently, Zwitserleven PPI has about 1% of its investments invested in those funds.

Zwitserlevenfondsen van ACTIAM

Duurzaam beleggingsbeleid

ACTIAM hanteert een duurzaam raamwerk (sustainable investment framework) dat onderscheid maakt in verantwoord, duurzaam of impactbeleggen. Voor alle Zwitserlevenfondsen beoordeelt ACTIAM of ondernemingen, overheden en instellingen waarin wordt belegd zich houden aan de ESG-uitgangspunten. Laten zij zien dat ze de belangrijkste duurzaamheidrisico’s kunnen managen en/of duurzaamheidskansen kunnen benutten? Dan bepaalt de mate waarin ze dat laten zien of de verantwoorde, duurzame of impactfondsen in deze ondernemingen, overheden en instellingen mogen beleggen of niet.

We lichten dat toe:
  • Bij fondsen die verantwoord beleggen worden minimumeisen gesteld aan gedrag en/of in beperkte mate duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen geformuleerd.
  • Bij de duurzame fondsen zijn naast de financiële doelen, strikte duurzaamheidsdoelen geformuleerd.
  • Voor de impactfondsen geldt naast de financiële doelen en strikte duurzaamheidsdoelen een extra doel. Er wordt aantoonbare positieve maatschappelijke toegevoegde waarde gecreëerd, volgens de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen van de VN.

ACTIAM gelooft dat deze aanpak van het integreren van duurzaamheidsrisico’s in het beleggingsbeleid leidt tot betere investeringsbeslissingen. En op de lange termijn tot een betere verhouding tussen risico en rendement.

Bekijk een overzicht van duurzaamheidrisico’s en de mogelijke effecten op het rendement

Sustainable Investment Policy 

ACTIAM’s Zwitserleven sustainable and impact funds have sustainable investment objectives within the meaning of the European regulations. Two of the five funds in the lifecycles are funds with sustainable investment objectives. The Zwitserleven responsible funds are funds that promote environmental and social (ES) characteristics. Three of the five funds in the lifecycles are funds that promote ES characteristics. To ensure that the investment policy of the Zwitserleven Funds complies with ES characteristics, ACTIAM applies a number of instruments. These instruments are also used in funds with a sustainable investment objective.

The instruments are:

  • Exclusion policy and use of ESG scores; 
  • Engagement policy; and 
  • Voting policy at shareholders' meetings.

The investment policy provides information about the instruments and how ACTIAM applies them. For the products we offer, you will also find information here on how the investment policy meets the ES characteristics and sustainable investment objectives of the funds. Would you like to know more? 

ASN funds

ASN Investment Policy

Zwitserleven PPI has invested a relatively small proportion of its pension contributions in ASN funds. ASN does the utmost to exclude sustainability risks from its funds. They accomplish this exclusively through positive selection. This means that ASN only chooses approved countries and companies to invest in. ASN has an extensive policy and protocol for the selection process. This is consistent with international views on sustainability and treaties, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For each fund, ASN publishes which companies, institutions and countries have been admitted and why. 
You can read more about it on

iShares from BlackRock

BlackRock investment policy

BlackRock is the fund manager of iShares. BlackRock has no policies or processes in place that take sustainability risks into account in any of the funds available for VrijBeleggen. This means that these funds do not promote sustainability characteristics and do not have a sustainable investment objective. BlackRock does publish a fact sheet with ESG information for each fund. The fact sheet presents Morgan Stanley Capital International Index (MSCI) ESG data including the MSCI ESG classification. This classification indicates how sustainable the investment funds are in relation to other investment funds.
More information about the investment policy of BlackRock

Reward policy and the integration of sustainability risks

Zwitserleven PPI (IORP) is a subsidiary of Athora Netherlands N.V. The group reward policy of Athora Netherlands also applies to Zwitserleven IORP. Athora Netherlands has included in its group reward policy how this is consistent with the way in which sustainability risks are taken into account. You can find more information about the Athora Netherlands group reward policy here.  

Explanation of principal adverse impact 

Besides sustainability risks, we also have to deal with the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability factors. You can read more about this in our statement of principal adverse impacts.