Nu Pensioen.

  • Grip on your costs
  • Sustainable lifecycles
  • Customised schemes

You want an adequate pension scheme, but also control over your costs and flexibility. With Zwitserleven Nu Pensioen, a defined contribution scheme from Zwitserleven PPI, you not only know where you stand financially. Your scheme is also completely tailored to your needs.

Grip on your costs

Nu Pensioen gives you clarity about your pension contributions, administration costs and the costs for insuring risks. 

Sustainable lifecycles

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful world. This is why we invest pension contributions in a mix of sustainable equities and bonds.  Check out our sustainable investment policy.


Employers all have different requirements and wishes. Nu Pensioen offers options and flexibility to make sure your pension scheme is in line with your wishes.

Nu Pensioen features

  • Defined contribution scheme based on investments
  • A product of Zwitserleven PPI
  • Risks covered by Zwitserleven
  • Partner’s and orphan's pension and waiver of contribution for occupational disability covered
  • Choices between different lifecycles
Nu Pensioen in 3 minuten

Nu Pensioen in 3 minuten

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Fees and charges

In addition to the premium, you also pay:

  • costs for the administration of your pension scheme
  • advice fees to your financial adviser
  • costs for extra information and changes
Extra products and options
Links and documents

Nu Pensioen afsluiten

Take out directly

You can take out this pension scheme for up to 10 employees directly with one of the selected advisers. With or without advice. The choice is yours.

Customised advice through an adviser

Would you like customised advice about the NuPensioen? Please contact your adviser or choose an adviser in your area using the adviser search function. 

Why Zwitserleven?

  • Easy management of your pension scheme
  • Clear pension communication, also in English
  • Most sustainable investment policy on 5 consecutive occasions