Our customers.

"We’ve had a good relationship with Zwitserleven for 40 years now."

Hans Wiedemeijer, Financial Director Brother Netherlands

"Brother was founded in 1908 by the two brothers Marayoshi and Yitsuichy Yasui, hence the name. They started long ago with treadle sewing machines for the production of straw hats."

"Quality and transparency were decisive"

Wim Moerman, Financial Director Snowworld

“We have a lot of catering staff among our permanent employees, but we also employ a lot of ski and snowboard instructors. I think we are one of the biggest winter sports schools in the world."

"Zwitserleven really had to prove they were the best provider."

Erik Triesscheijn, CEO Omega

“Due to economic developments and changes in the industry, we decided that it was better to transfer the pension fund to an insurer. As many as 12 advertising agencies participated in this pension fund.”

"We want to offer our employees security."

Wim van As, Director Versvishandel Jan van As

“I used to work in my father's company every school holiday. That's how my love for the fish trade was born. The trick is to shorten the time between catching and preparation as much as possible.”

“Zwitserleven has a passion for pensions."

Boudewijn Heineman, Financial Director of Deli XL

“I see important similarities between Deli XL and Zwitserleven. We have a passion for food and Zwitserleven has a passion for pensions. That was clear to us right from the start.”

“Personal attention is priceless.”

Jack ter Haar, Director Human Resources at Sogeti.

“Duty of care is becoming increasingly important in the relationship between employer and employee. If , as an employer, you do not provide clear information about the pension scheme, you may be called to account for this later on.”

“Experience with the Swiss Life Network is very good”

Jaap Hoogland, International Pension Manager Océ-Technologies B.V.

“Océ has subsidiaries in 32 different countries. Therefore, the choice for multinational pooling was easy to make. Several of our companies are members of the Swiss Life Network.”

“There were more options than we thought.”

Susanne Mulders-de Rooij, former chairman of the board of the Heijmans pension fund

When it became clear that insurance could be in the interests of all stakeholders, we set about calculating different scenarios very intensively. We chose Zwitserleven because they made a very solid impression.