Zwitserleven has a passion for pensions.

Zwitserleven has a passion for pensions.

“I see important similarities between Deli XL and Zwitserleven. We have a passion for food and Zwitserleven has a passion for pensions. That was clear to us right from the start.”

“Zwitserleven came up with a very creative solution, especially for Deli XL's complex pension scheme. A piece of real customised work that made us decide to transfer our pensions to Zwitserleven.”

A pleasant relationship 

“I appreciate it very much that Zwitserleven ensures regular moments of contact. At all levels within the organisation, both at operational and management level.”

“I regularly receive invitations for seminars, lectures or events. These initiatives keep the relationship alive, otherwise contacts could easily die down. Zwitserleven could just stick to the annual premium statement and some administrative issues, but it doesn’t stop there. The way I see it, we are not one of Zwiserleven’s biggest customers. So I am pleasantly surprised that we are not treated like just a number and that they are genuinely interested in our business.”


“Like Deli XL, Zwitserleven is a reliable company to do business with. It's all about responding at the right time and thinking constructively with the customer. That's how you can make a difference.”

“At Zwitserleven they do what they say and say what they do. This service-minded approach is not new to us. That is why our cooperation is going so well and we complement each other. That’s right, with a Zwitserleven Feeling!”