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Personal attention is priceless.

Personal attention is priceless.

"Duty of care is becoming increasingly important in the relationship between employer and employee. If, as an employer, you do not provide clear information about the pension scheme, you may be called to account for this later on.’ ‘We came over from another pension insurer and also changed the scheme. Of course, our employees wanted chapter and verse on this. That is why, together with Zwitserleven, we have invested a great deal in pension communication towards employees."

Website, presentations and more 

“Zwitserleven has offered us various services in the field of employee communication under the banner ‘PrivateView’. We took advantage of almost all of these services. At the time when the Zwitserleven pension scheme was introduced, we organised a total of 20 pension presentations for employees. One third of our staff have attended these presentations and have been fully informed about their pension scheme.” “Zwitserleven also made the customised PrivateView website available to us. It gives our employees insight into their pension situation. Frequently asked questions about pensions, which would have normally come our way, are now answered by the website or by calling the Zwitserleven Employee Desk. This does not only enable us to fulfil our duty of care, it also saves us a great deal of time!”

"Personal attention is priceless, both for us as the employer and for the employees!"

Unique: personal attention 

“Zwitserleven has pension advisers who can help each employee personally. We think it is very important for our employees to understand their pension. That's why we and Zwitserleven have organised one-on-one meetings for our employees and their partners. During those meetings, our people were able to put their personal questions to the advisers and that was greatly appreciated. Personal attention is priceless, both for us as the employer and for our employees!”