Good experiences with the Swiss Life Network.

Good experiences with the Swiss Life Network.

Océ has subsidiaries in 32 different countries. Therefore, the choice for multinational pooling with the Swiss Life Network was easy to make.

“For us, this was the first pool to be set up and we are still very satisfied with the results achieved by the Swiss Life Network.”

The advantages of multinational pooling

“The biggest advantage of multinational pooling is that it can generate dividends for the parent company. Océ returns part of that dividend to the subsidiaries which contributed to the result. Océ companies from other countries are therefore also happy to participate in the pooling network. In the future, we want as many subsidiaries as possible to transfer their pension insurance to our pools. If you are responsible for the international management of employee benefits, it is important to keep an overview of the employee benefits offered by subsidiaries worldwide. The Swiss Life Network’s report is an excellent tool in this respect. Using Swiss Life's pooling reports, I can keep track of employee benefits in the various countries, both in terms of costs and the content of the schemes. That, too, is a very big plus!”

Swiss Life Network is very proactive

“Our experience with the Swiss Life Network is excellent. My contact has a very proactive attitude, which means that I am always up to date about international developments. The Swiss Life Network also regularly sends me a magazine with the latest international developments and, of course, the “country profiles” every year. This is a CD-ROM with summaries of local social security legislation and the most common employee benefits in a large number of countries. I use this quite often, for example when assessing a (new) regulation in a certain country or when our local people have questions. And last, but not least, there is the substantial refund of the premium. Let it be understood that this, too, contributes to our satisfaction.”