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RendementsCorrectie Nu Pensioen.

RendementsCorrectie Nu Pensioen.

Adjust the premium to the market interest rate 

The market interest rate determines the amount of the premium you have to pay for the partner’s, orphan’s and surviving dependants' bridging pension for your employees. The market interest rate fluctuates. Your premium will be adjusted to the market interest rate. This is what we call RendementsCorrectie. As a measure of changing market interest rates, we use the 20-year Euro Swap bid rates. Check out how this works below.


At a market interest rate of 0.68%, the RendementsCorrectie is 12.4%. With this percentage, the premiums for the partner’s, orphan’s and surviving dependants' bridging pension are increased. If you receive a proposal for the Zwitserleven Nu Pension, the correction is already included in the rates tables of this proposal.

The level of RendementsCorrectie

MonthMarket interest rateRendementsCorrectie Nu Pensioen
January 20220.55%14.8%
December 20210.32%19.3%
November 20210.40%17.7%
October 20210.49%15.9%
September 20210.30%19.7%
August 20210.26%20.6%
July 20210.47%16.3%
June 20210.50%15.7%
May 20210.55%14.7%
April 20210.46%16.5%
March 20210.36%18.5%
February 20210.11%23.80%
January 2021-0.02%26.80%
December 20200.02%25.80%
November 2020-0.03%27.00%
October 20200.02%25.8%
September 20200.13%23.4%
August 2020-0.01%26.5%
July 20200.06%24,9%
June 20200.12%23.6%
May 20200.03%25.6%
April 20200.22%21.5%
March 20200.12%23.6%
February 20200.31%19.5%
January 20200.55%14.7%

The level of RendementsCorrectie depends on the current market interest rate.

  • We determine the RendementsCorrectie percentage on every first working day of the month. At the time that you agree with our proposal, we will determine the final RendementsCorrectie. For this purpose, we use the market interest rate of the month in which we received the signed administration agreement from you. The RendementsCorrectie is fixed for the calendar year in question. The percentage is set each year again.
  • Read more about the RendementsCorrectie in your proposal. And about how the RendementsCorrectie is determined for your contract.

Yield correction for Netto Pensioen

In addition to the Zwitserleven Nu Pensioen, do you also insure a Netto Pensioen for employees who earn more than €112.189 (2021)? And do you also insure a net partner's pension and a net orphan's pension for these employees? In these cases, the same RendementsCorrectie applies as for Zwitserleven Nu Pensioen.