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Group term life insurance.

Group term life insurance.

Are you looking for group term life insurance? Zwitserleven makes it easier for you to take good care of your employees’ family. When your employee dies, Zwitserleven will pay you a lump sum. And you can pay this amount to the surviving dependant. The surviving dependant can choose what the money will be used for.

Are you looking for an individual term life insurance? In that case, there is Zwitserleven term life insurance.

When to take out a Group term life insurance? 

  • You don’t have a pension scheme? In that case, the group term life insurance is a nice and advantageous opportunity to offer your employees a death benefit. The premiums for a group term life insurance are low.
  • Do you have a pension scheme, but no or inadequate surviving dependants' pension? Again, this insurance offers a solution.
  • Does your company already have a pension scheme at Zwitserleven? In that case, you can insure a one-off death benefit for employees with a salary above €114,866 (2022).

The group term life insurance is not a pension, but an employee insurance. Group term life insurance is comparable with, for example, group accident insurance. You do not have to deal with the tax rules and legal documents required for a pension scheme. Upon the death of your employee, we will pay you, not your employee. Therefore, we do not provide any rules or insurance certificates.For the administration of the Group term life insurance, we request a one-off cost reimbursement for preparing the administration agreement and a cost reimbursement per policy per year.

Offerte aanvragen of advies nodig?

Meer weten over deze of een van onze andere pensioenregelingen? Of wilt u advies op maat over een pensioenregeling voor uw medewerkers? Neem dan contact op met een onafhankelijk adviseur. Zwitserleven heeft een uitstekende relatie met een groot aantal professionele verzekeringsadviseurs.