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If you have an investment-based defined contribution agreement, you know in advance what your expenses will be. This gives you, as an employer, more certainty. It also means that your employees will not know the level of their retirement income until they retire. A defined contribution agreement based on investments until the retirement date creates uncertainty for your employees. For employees who want more security, Zwitserleven has a solution: PensioenZekerheid.

What is PensioenZekerheid?

In your pension scheme, an employee has choices to make that may affect their pension income. If the employee prefers greater security, they can opt for PensioenZekerheid (PensionSecurity). With this, an employee uses part of the pension capital to buy a guaranteed retirement and partner's pension as early as 15 years before the state pension age. From their retirement date, the employee will then receive the same amount of pension income each month for that portion. We call this a deferred fixed pension.

Two choices

Zwitserleven offers the employee two choices:

  • Employees convert a fixed amount of their pension capital into a guaranteed retirement and partner's pension.
  • Each month, the employee converts a fixed percentage of the premium into a guaranteed retirement and partner's pension. The employee activates this choice once, which is then valid until the employee changes it again.

Good to know

  • PensioenZekerheid is available in all investment forms: HorizonBeleggen, ProfielBeleggen and VrijBeleggen.
  • For Zwitserleven PPI pension schemes, only the choice of a lump sum is allowed by law. The employee has the option to buy a guaranteed retirement and partner's pension from a pension insurer such as Zwitserleven.
  • If a participant should pass away before their retirement date, their previously purchased guaranteed old-age and partner's pension will lapse, as this only comes into payment after the retirement date.

Why Zwitserleven?

  • Easy management of your pension scheme
  • Clear pension communication, also in English
  • Most sustainable investment policy on 5 consecutive occasions

Advies nodig?

Wilt u advies over PensioenZekerheid? Neem dan contact op met uw adviseur of kies via de adviseurzoeker een adviseur bij u in de buurt.