To 2023.

You have entrusted Zwitserleven with your pension. We sincerely hope you will choose us again in 2023. These pages provide more information about your pension scheme. You will also stay informed about the planning and what you can expect from us.

Are you an adviser? We provide you with a clear overview, including the letters of notification.  View all information.

Your current pension scheme is about to end

 Now is a good time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your pension scheme still reflect the needs of your organisation and your situation?
  • How will changing legislation and regulations affect your pension scheme?
  • Can you estimate the level of your pension costs in the coming five years?
  • Would you like to make changes to your pension scheme?
  • Or you would like to receive a proposal for a different scheme?

To answer these questions properly you should seek sound and thorough advice from a pension adviser. This will increase your chances of finding a pension scheme that ties in with your needs and requirements.

Suggestion: Remember to draw up an “engagement letter” between yourself and your adviser. This will ensure clarity as to your adviser's fees and services.

Do you live abroad?
We can renew your agreement only if you are registered in the Netherlands as an employer and meet certain conditions. Read more

Future of Pensions Act and your pension scheme

The current pension system in the Netherlands is being amended. The intention is that this will be laid down in new laws and regulations by 1 January 2023. This does not mean that your pension scheme must already comply with the new law; you still have until 1 January 2027. It is, however, a good idea to take a look together with your advisor before too long. Because the amendments have consequences for you and for the participants in your pension scheme.

Want to learn more? Read more about it here or ask your advisor.

Your proposal

Between July and October, we will send a new proposal to your adviser. The new proposal will be based on your current pension scheme. We will let you know when the proposal is available to your adviser. Depending on your scheme, you can choose from different products. Check out the different options below.

Defined contribution scheme

Defined contribution scheme

Are you currently subscribed to a defined contribution scheme? In that case, you will receive a proposal for a defined contribution scheme.

Average or final pay scheme

Average or final pay scheme

Are you currently subscribed to an average pay scheme or a final pay scheme? In that case, you will receive a proposal for the Zwitserleven i-Pensioen Middelloon.

Why Zwitserleven?

Why Zwitserleven?

  • An expert and permanent contact person will guide you and your adviser through the entire renewal process.
  • A smooth transition to your new scheme within 4 weeks. 
  • Personal online environment MijnZwitserleven: efficient and you are in control.
  • Sustainable partner.
Participant communication

Participant communication

We can give presentations for your employees or answer personal questions about their pension situation. We also organise various events. 

Planning for the coming period 

Below is an overview of when to expect more information from us. It will tell you exactly what to expect.

July – october October – december 2023

Renewal proposal to adviser. You receive a letter that your proposal is ready for the adviser.

Finalise renewal proposal.

Implement new pension scheme.

Terminate old pension scheme.

Respond to proposal. Receive document(s) from adviser for signature. Inform your employees.

Receive amended proposal (where applicable) .