Zwitserleven online payroll link for your employees.
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Zwitserleven online payroll link for your employees.

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Many employers know how it is: a new employee has been in service for a while but is not yet registered for the pension scheme. Or someone receives a pay rise that influences his or her pension contribution. Reporting such changes can be a time-consuming process and can be occasionally forgotten if the work pressure is high. We are here to make your clients' lives easier!

The Uniform Submission of Pension Data (Uniforme Pensioenaangifte, UPA) enables employers to submit their employees' salary data quickly and easily. With UPA, salary data is automatically exchanged between your payroll records and Zwitserleven's pension records. The payroll records are the source.

We process the following changes from UPA:

  • start date of employment;
  • termination of employment;
  • change of salary;
  • change of part-time percentage.

This prevents duplication of work. And it gives your clients the assurance that their employee benefits records match our pension records.

This article is published on 25 June 2021