Online payroll link.

Do you want to report employee changes easily?

Link your payroll administration to your pension scheme at Zwitserleven.

The advantages:

  • It saves your organisation time and money.
  • The commencement or termination of employment of your employees is automatically reported in relation to the pension scheme.
  • If an employee start to work part-time or if someone is getting a salary increase, we will automaticallybe informed about these changes. Therefore, you no longer need to report them each time.
  • Information on employees participating in your scheme is always up to date and the pension scheme is always up to date.
The opinion of our customer Lightyear

The opinion of our customer Lightyear

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Systems and safety 

Currently (September 2022), we are connected to the following systems: ADP, BCS, Raet, Visma, Nmbrs, SAP, Microloon, SD-Worx, Cobra, UNIT4, AFAS, Exact Globe Next and

Your adviser or your contact at Zwitserleven will have the latest information. Linking systems containing personal data requires secure management. This web application meets the security requirements.

Fees and charges 

A connection to the Zwitserleven Online Payroll Link costs €268, excluding VAT. Ask your contact at Zwitserleven about the costs. In addition to the one-off connection costs, several providers also charge additional costs You can check these costs with your own provider.

If you are interested, please contact us!

If you want to know more about linking your payroll to your pension scheme at Zwitserleven,
contact your adviser or call your contact at Zwitserleven. We will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities and costs. The cost of the Zwitserleven Online Payroll Link depends on several factors.
Such as your salary package and your pension scheme. We will be happy to make you an offer.