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The level of RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen.

The level of RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen.

The level of RendementsCorrectie depends on the current market interest rate.

The RendementsCorrectie Fixed percentage is determined every first working day of the week. It is valid until the following Sunday. On the day that you agree with our proposal, we will determine the final RendementsCorrectie Fixed. For this purpose, we will use the market interest rate of the week in which you agree. We also look at the average age of participants in the pension scheme. The RendementsCorrectie Fixed is determined for the term of the agreement.

For RendementsCorrectie Variable, the percentage is determined on a monthly basis. We always do this on the last working day of the previous month. This means that the RendementsCorrectie Variable may be different each month.

In order to approximate the final RendementsCorrectie Variable as much as possible, you will also see a current RendementsCorrectie Variable on this site. This is adjusted on a weekly basis. The final RendementsCorrectie Variable changes monthly, and may deviate slightly.

Read more about the RendementsCorrectie in your proposal.

Proposals from the 17th of June 2019

The graph below applies to proposals drawn up from the 17th of June 2019. Those proposals are valid for six weeks. In the event of recalculations on or after the 17th of June 2019, the RendementsCorrectie for proposals drawn up as of the 17th of June 2019 will apply.

* Average age of employees only applicable for RendementsCorrectie Fixed.

RendementsCorrectie NP en NOVP

Bekijk ook de percentages van de RendementsCorrectie van het voor i-Pensioen Nabestaandenpensioen (NP) en i-Pensioen Nabestaandenoverbruggingspensioen (NOVP). 

i-Pensioen Nabestaandenpensioen

i-Pensioen Nabestaandenoverbruggingspensioen