The level of RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen.

The level of RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen.

For new contracts

The basis for our rates is an actuarial rate of 2.5%. We then adjust these rates according to the current market interest rate and the average age of your employees. We use Yield Correction for this. You therefore pay a contribution that is higher or lower than on the basis of the actuarial interest rate alone. Yield Correction has no effect on the levels of pension. If you wish to also insure a surviving dependants' bridging pension (NOVP), this has its own percentage yield correction, which is stated in our proposal.

You can find more information about Yield Correction, the different types and how this works in our proposal for the i-Pensioen Middelloon or Eindloon scheme

Current Yield Correction for proposals from 1 July 2022

For an idea* of the yield correction percentages, see the figure below. This applies to proposals for new Zwitserleven i-Pensioen Middelloon or Eindloon contracts drawn up on or after 1 July 2022.

First, select the average age of the participants in the pension scheme. This is stated in our proposal. You will then immediately see the development of the percentages for fixed and variable Yield Correction. If you move the mouse over the figure, you will see the percentages for each week. If you move the mouse all the way to the right in the figure, you will see the current percentages.

If you have already had a proposal from us, you can also request the current percentage for your proposal from your contact at Zwitserleven.

* On this webpage you can only select the average age in whole years. In our proposal, we have the data of your employees available and can determine the average age of your employees accurately to two decimal places. The Yield Correction percentage in our proposal may therefore differ slightly from this web page. Also, to keep things up to date, on this webpage we adjust the percentage of Variable Yield Correction weekly, while we determine the final percentage of Variable Yield Correction on a monthly basis. This is another reason why the final percentage can differ slightly from our proposal. Our proposal always contains the definitive information.

We also use Variable Yield Correction for quoting and processing supplements to the entitlements and pensions of former participants and pensioners in non-contributory contracts. The following also applies in addition to the text on this page: we take account of the average age of former participants and/or pensioners eligible for supplements. The average age is determined on the reference date.