Your employees accrue future income under their pension scheme. If they do this through a defined contribution scheme, they will receive a fixed or variable pension when their pension comes into payment. If their preliminary preference is for a variable pension, we can take this into account before the retirement date. We will then adjust the mix of investments to reflect that choice. This applies to HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen and is called preparing for a variable retirement income. With VrijBeleggen, the employee determines the mix of investments themselves.

How does preparing for a variable pension work?

Your employees will have an increased chance of receiving a larger pension if they already factor in having a variable pension at their retirement date when investing for their pension before their retirement date. And reduce their investment risk less than if they plan to purchase a fixed pension on their retirement date.


If your employee has the HorizonBeleggen investment form, then you set out in the pension scheme what the starting point is: preparing for a fixed pension or preparing for a variable pension. The employee may, however, deviate from this. Does the employee not make a choice? Then we assume the employer's choice.

If your employee decides to gear their assets towards a variable pension, then we will provide an appropriate mix of investments. In doing so, we will take account of the risk that all participants in HorizonBeleggen are able and willing to take. The start date for preparing for a variable pension will then be 12 years before the retirement date.


If your employee has the ProfielBeleggen investment form, they can choose to prepare for a variable pension and determine their investment mix to a certain extent. To do so, it is important an employee determines his or her investor profile so that it better suits the risk they are willing and able to take and their personal situation and wishes. The employee can also decide for themselves whether they want to prepare all or part of the value of their plan assets. The starting point of preparing for a variable pension depends on the investor profile chosen.


If your employee has the VrijBeleggen investment form, they can determine the mix of investments themselves. And the employee also determines the extent to which investment risk is reduced the closer the employee gets to the retirement target date. If they wish to purchase a variable pension on the retirement date, the employee should take this into account themselves in the mix of investments.

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