Sustainability scores of funds.

Sustainability scores of funds.

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We invest your pension contribution to achieve a good return for later. With these investments, we also want to contribute to the ambition of the Paris Climate Summit: to limit global warming to less than two degrees. For 5 years in a row, Zwitserleven has had the most sustainable investment policy. And we are proud of it. Our customers increasingly think sustainability matters. And because we are open and transparent about our investment policy, you can now check out the ESG scores of our investment funds.

How do we assess the sustainability of an investment fund?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. We check whether a company complies with agreements on matters such as the environment, labour rights and good corporate governance. A good balance between the ESG factors and the financial results can lead to better operating results. The higher the ESG score, the lower the risks. We also consider CO2 emissions and water consumption of a country or company.

What can you see? 

Thanks to the collaboration with ACTIAM, you will gain insight into:
ESG = score compared to the benchmark
CO2 = emissions compared to the benchmark
Water = water consumption compared to the benchmark

Check out the ESG scores of the following investment funds:

This article is published on 09 July 2019

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