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Make a non-binding calculation immediately

Pension accrued at Zwitserleven

Are you a Zwitserleven customer? You can make a calculation 6 months before you retire.

Pension accrued elsewhere

Do you want to make a calculation for pension that you have accrued elsewhere?

Sample calculation Zwitserleven Fixed Pension pension income

  1. Invested capital:
    € 100.000

  2. Zwitserleven

    € 524per month

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  3. Allianz

    € 521per month

  4. ASR

    € 520per month

  5. AEGON

    € 516per month

The above fixed (gross) retirement incomes were calculated on 18/04/2024, for a man aged 67 (01/01/1957), with a pension capital of €100.000, a level pension and no partner's pension.

What choices can you make?

  • Option buttons

    Retiring earlier or later

    Do you want to receive your pension on the retirement date? Or you can choose to receive your pension sooner or later.

  • Shapes

    Fixed or variable pension

    Do you want a fixed or variable pension income or a combination of these?

  • Ogen

    For your partner

    Do you have a partner? Then you can opt for your partner to receive a lifelong pension when you die.

  • Coins

    High / low pension

    Temporary higher pension for, for example, mortgage payments, long journeys or a period without state pension.

  • Pile of coins

    Lump sum payment

    You can withdraw up to 10% in one go. After deduction of taxes, you can spend this money however you want.

  • Wallet


    You may commute a small pension that yields a maximum of € 594.89 gross per year on the retirement date.

  • Shopping cart

    Right to shop around

    Buy a pension income from an insurer other than the one where you built up the capital.

How to arrange a Zwitserleven pension

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Arrange it online

You can put your pension together online or through an adviser.

We will send you a proposal

You will receive a proposal based on your choices.

You receive your pension income

You receive your pension income.

Why Zwitserleven?

Choose security

With Zwitserleven Vast Pensioen you receive the same amount every month for as long as you live. This gives you certainty about the amount of your pension.

All your pension pots together

Have you built up pension capital elsewhere? You can make a calculation for multiple pension pots. This way you have all your pensions clearly together and you receive one pension income.

Leave your next of kin cared for

Your partner will receive the 'standard 70% partner’s pension' upon your death. If you do not have a partner or if your partner has a good income, you can buy extra retirement income for yourself. 

Most sustainable insurer

Most sustainable insurer