Your retirement date is approaching

An important event in your life. You may have made plans already, or maybe you want to work a little longer. You will find information about what you can expect and the choices you can make here. The choice you make on retirement date is fixed for the rest of your life. It is therefore wise to start thinking about your pension now. 

Where did you accrue a pension?

At Zwitserleven: defined contribution scheme.

Will your pension capital be released soon and have you received a letter or email from us about this? If so, you can compile your own pension in MijnZwitserleven.

At Zwitserleven - defined benefit

The amount of your retirement income is already known, so you can be sure of this pension.  However, you can still make choices about your pension, depending on the provisions in your pension scheme.

With another insurer

You can buy a pension from Zwitserleven. We offer a competitive price and many extras. Calculate your retirement income in 5 minutes and apply now.

Are you not exactly sure about the pension scheme you have? Go to your Uniform Benefit Statement (UBS) or check out your Pension 1-2-3. If you accrue your pension at Zwitserleven, you will find your Pension 1-2-3 in MijnZwitserleven. 

The choice is yours

It is a good idea to start preparing for your retirement in time. For example, you can make choices that may affect the level of your pension. The choices you can make depend on your employer’s pension scheme. Want to know more about the choices you can make? Watch the video alongside, where we list all the options for you. 

About to retire

About to retire

What choices do you have?

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Information on your pension

Would you like to see how the various choices affect your pension? In MijnZwitserleven you will be able to see if you will have enough income to keep doing the things you like. 

Personal video call about your pension

Do you have any questions about your pension? A personal video call with one of our staff members will quickly give you a better idea about your pension.