Good preparation can mean a lot for your pension

Retired in a few years, or maybe soon? You can already think about the possibilities you will have in the future. Because the choices you make just before your retirement date determine which pension income you will receive. For the rest of your life.

This way you will retire well prepared

  1. Dive into the possibilities now

    The better prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to make your choices. Read more about the different possibilities below. View them together with your (possible) partner and determine what your wishes are.

  2. More than 6 months before your retirement date:
    View your expected situation in the Pension Planner

    Look, possibly together with your partner, at what your choices could possibly mean for your pension income. You can also add multiple pension pots.
    To the Pension Planner

    If you do not have a pension scheme with Zwitserleven, you can calculate what your pension income may be one year before your retirement date.

  3. From 6 months before your retirement date:
    Make a preliminary calculation

    Would you like to know what your wishes can mean for the amount of your pension income? Then make a preliminary calculation in MijnZwitserleven. 
    Make a preliminary calculation in MijnZwitserleven

    Have you (also) built up pension capital elsewhere?  Then you can combine these pension pots and make a total calculation for a Zwitserleven pension. 
    Make a preliminary calculation for multiple pension pots

  4. From 6 weeks before your retirement date:
    Make your final choices for your pension

    You communicate your final choices to us in MijnZwitserleven. From your retirement date, you will then receive your pension income.

(Also) built up pension capital somewhere else?

If you have several pension pots from which a pension capital becomes available on the retirement date, you may combine them. And use this to buy retirement income from the pension provider of your choice. We call this shopright.

This way you choose from whom you receive a pension income.

What choices can you make?

  • Option buttons

    Retiring earlier or later

    Do you want to receive your pension on the retirement date? Or you can choose to receive your pension sooner or later.

  • Shapes

    Fixed or variable pension

    Do you want a fixed or variable pension income or a combination of these?

  • Ogen

    For your partner

    Do you have a partner? Then you can opt for your partner to receive a lifelong pension when you die.

  • Coins

    High / low pension

    Temporary higher pension for, for example, mortgage payments, long journeys or a period without state pension.

  • Pile of coins

    Lump sum payment

    You can withdraw up to 10% in one go. After deduction of taxes, you can spend this money however you want.

  • Wallet


    You may commute a small pension that yields a maximum of € 594.89 gross per year on the retirement date.

  • Shopping cart

    Right to shop around

    Buy a pension income from an insurer other than the one where you built up the capital.

Discuss your wishes with an adviser

The choices you make for your retirement income later, you make for the rest of your life and that of your partner, if any. You can no longer change a vested pension. That is why it is important to seek advice from an independent financial adviser when making your choices. Together, you will explore your overall financial situation, which includes all your pension pots, as well as other asset components, such as a home of your own or savings.

Proper guidance from an adviser can help you make the choices that suit your needs and your personal situation. So that you can soon enjoy your well-earned retirement to the full.