Your retirement date is approaching

An important event in your life. You may have made plans already, or maybe you wish to work a little longer. You will find information about what you can expect and the choices you can make here. The choices you make on your retirement date are fixed for the rest of your life. So it's good to start thinking about your pension now.

When to retire?

In many cases, you can choose whether to receive your pension income from the pre-agreed date (retirement date). Maybe you are going to work longer and don't need the income yet. Or you would like to start receiving your pension income at the same time as your state pension. If you wish to stop working before your pension starts, you can also bring your pension forward. If you wish to retire at a later date, your pension can be postponed.

If you have a Zwitserleven scheme, check your retirement date in MijnZwitserleven. You can see the effect of bringing forward or postponing your retirement date for your pension income in the Pension Planner.

More about your retirement date

Buying a pension or a guaranteed pension

If you have a defined contribution scheme, you use your accrued pension capital to buy a pension income from Zwitserleven or another pension insurer. If you have an average or final pay scheme, you will receive a guaranteed pension income from your retirement date.

Purchasing a pension with your accrued capital

You will use your accrued pension capital to purchase your pension. This can be done with the capital you have accrued at Zwitserleven, but also with your other pension savings. You can choose a fixed or variable pension income, or a combination of the two. Calculate your pension and apply now.

Guaranteed pension

With a pension scheme with a guaranteed pension, the amount of your pension income is already known. So you are sure of this pension. But you may still have options regarding your pension, depending on the provisions of your pension scheme.

Pension capital accrued elsewhere

It is very likely that you have accrued pension through several employers. So you have several pension pots that make up your pension income. You can also pool these pension pots providing a pension capital on your retirement date and use them to purchase a pension income from the pension provider of your choice. This is known as the right to shop around.

For example, you can receive a guaranteed pension at Zwitserleven, and at the same time use another pension pot to use that pension capital to to purchase a pension income from Zwitserleven. This will allow you to bring several pensions together.

Step into your financial future.

Step into your financial future.

Get to understand your pension with the Pension Planner.

Personal advice?

An adviser will give you independent advice on making the pension choices that suit your personal situation.