Retiring earlier or later

Do you already know when you wish to retire? You will receive a pension income from your retirement date. You can choose to receive this earlier or later. In that case, you will have to bring forward or postpone your retirement date.

When do you wish to take your pension?

When do you wish to take your pension?

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Retiring earlier or later thus relates to your retirement date, and also to your state pension age. You can retire before your state pension age, when you reach your state pension age, or even later. And you can make this choice for each pension you have accrued: your pension pots. We explain what these terms mean below.

Retirement date: you start receiving pension income

Every pension insurance policy has a certain term and stops on a pre-agreed date: the retirement date. This is the date when you start receiving pension income. If you are still working now, your retirement date will be close to your state pension age. If you have several pensions, they may have different retirement dates. You can check this at

In many cases, you can choose whether you wish to receive your pension income from the set date, or earlier or later. For example, you can choose to make all your pension pots come into payment on the same date. Your retirement date for your Zwitserleven pension is shown in MijnZwitserleven.

Check out your retirement date in MijnZwitserleven

State pension (AOW) age: you receive a benefit from the government

Your state pension age is the age at which you receive benefit from the government. This is therefore not the same as the pension you have accrued through one or more employers. The amount of your state pension depends on whether you are single or you have a partner. The date when your state pension comes into payment depends on your age. The age at which it comes into payment is continually increasing. You can easily calculate your state pension age and find more information on how state pension is accrued on the website of the Social Insurance Bank.

Pension pots accrued with different employers

It is very likely that you have accrued a pension through several employers. So you have several pension pots that make up your pension income. You can see exactly where you have a pension pot, how much pension you can expect to receive from it and what your retirement date is at This date may vary from one pension pot to another. You can also pool these pension pots providing a pension capital on your retirement date and use them to purchase a pension income from a pension provider of your choice. This is known as the right to shop around.

Choose when to retire

Bringing your retirement date forward

If you wish to stop working earlier and receive pension income at that time, you can bring your retirement date forward. Please bear in mind that, in that case, your pension income will be lower.

Postponing your retirement date

If you wish to retire later and also receive your pension income later, you can postpone your retirement date. This is possible for up to five years after your state pension age.

Pension at Zwitserleven? View the Pension Planner

If you wish to know if you can retire earlier, or it would actually be better to postpone your pension, the Pension Planner in MijnZwitserleven can give you insight into your financial future in just a few steps. Either for yourself, or for you and your partner together. This will avoid any surprises later on.