Purchasing a pension.

  • Attractive pension income
  • Sustainable investment policy
  • Extras with Zwitserleven Zelect

Get more out of your pension capital

Are you about to retire and will your accrued pension capital be released? You will buy your pension from this capital. If you buy it at Zwitserleven, you can count on an attractive retirement income. In addition, the investments we pursue with your capital are highly sustainable. Calculate your pension and apply now. 

  1. Invested capital:
    € 100.000

  2. Zwitserleven

    € 465per month

    Calculate your pension
  3. AEGON

    € 463per month

  4. Nationale Nederlanden

    € 453per month

  5. Centraal Beheer

    € 446per month

The above fixed (gross) retirement incomes were calculated on 05/23/2022, for a man aged 67 (01/01/1955), with a pension capital of €100.000, a level pension and no partner's pension.

Most sustainable insurer

Most sustainable insurer

We are proud that we have once again been named the most sustainable insurer in the Netherlands by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO).

Features of Zwitserleven Fixed Pension

Lifelong retirement income

A Zwitserleven Fixed Pension ensures that your accrued pension capital is converted into a lifelong retirement income. 

Partner's pension

Your partner will receive the 'standard 70% partner’s pension' upon your death. If you do not have a partner or if your partner has a good income, for example, you can buy extra retirement income for yourself. 

Temporarily a higher pension

Do you still have mortgage payments to make or studying children? You could choose to receive a higher retirement income in the first years. 

Personal advice?

A financial adviser can give you independent advice on pension solutions from Zwitserleven and other providers. They are ready to answer your questions. 

Stay up to date

Check out the latest news and developments in the world of pensions. 

How does it work?

Apply online

Compile your Fixed Pension online. 

We will send you a proposal

You will receive a proposal based on your choices. 

Your retirement income

You will receive your retirement income. 



Especially for customers with a retirement income at Zwitserleven, we offer a varied range of workshops and activities.