Purchasing a pension.

  • Attractive pension income
  • Put together your own scheme
  • Sustainable investment policy

Get more out of your pension capital

If your accrued pension capital will be released soon, you will use it to purchase your pension. If you purchase it from Zwitserleven, you can count on an attractive pension income. You can choose a fixed or variable pension income, or a combination of the two.

Kies het pensioen dat bij u past: vast of variabel pensioen

Fixed pension

You will receive the same amount of pension income every month for as long as you live. We will set the amount on your retirement date.


  • Certainty about the amount of your pension
  • High-low benefit structure available


  • Depends on interest rates at the time
  • If prices rise, your pension will not rise with them

Variable pension

You continue to invest using all or part of your pension capital. You decide the ratio of your fixed pension to the amount you will continue to invest.


  • Chance of a higher pension
  • Not dependent on interest rates at one point in time


  • Risk that your pension will be lower
  • No certainty about the amount of your pension

Choices you can also make

You can adjust your pension income to your wishes and situation. Below you will find a brief explanation of these choices.

Partner's pension, yes or no?

You can choose to ensure that your partner receives a lifelong pension upon your passing. Your partner can receive up to 70% of your pension. If you have no partner or your partner has their own income, you can decide not to purchase a partner’s pension and receive a higher pension income yourself. Your partner must, however, agree to this choice.

Free disposal of up to 10% of the old-age pension

The Lump Sum Payment Act allows you to withdraw up to 10% of the old age pension as a lump sum on your retirement date. That sure sounds appealing. The big advantage of withdrawing a lump sum is the flexibility it gives you when you retire. After tax, you may spend this money as you see fit. You may want to renovate your home, repay some of that mortgage or go on your dream trip. Read more about lump sum withdrawal

Higher pension at the start

Zwitserleven offers the opportunity to start with a higher pension income. How this can be done depends on the choice of fixed or variable pension. If you decide for a Zwitserleven Fixed Pension and for instance you are still making payments for a mortgage, you wish to travel or perhaps cover a period when you will not be receiving state pension, you can take a temporary higher pension income for up to 10 years. The ratio between your higher and lower pension has to be 100:75. In other words, the lower benefit will be at least 75% of the higher benefit. If you decide for a Zwitserleven Variable Pension, you can opt for a fixed reduction. In this case, we increase your pension income at the start with a portion of the expected return on your investments.

Sample calculation Zwitserleven Fixed Pension pension income

  1. Invested capital:
    € 100.000

  2. Zwitserleven

    € 524per month

    Calculate your pension
  3. Allianz

    € 521per month

  4. ASR

    € 520per month

  5. AEGON

    € 516per month

The above fixed (gross) retirement incomes were calculated on 18/04/2024, for a man aged 67 (01/01/1957), with a pension capital of €100.000, a level pension and no partner's pension.

How to purchase your pension?

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Arrange it online

You can put your pension together online or through an adviser.

We will send you a proposal

You will receive a proposal based on your choices.

You receive your pension income

You receive your pension income.

Most sustainable insurer

Most sustainable insurer

Zwitserleven is the most sustainable insurer in the Netherlands.