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Are you about to retire?

If so, your pension capital is about to be released. It will allow you to purchase your pension income from us or from another insurer. Before you buy a pension, you should make some choices that suit your personal situation.After receiving a letter or email from us, you can compile your own pension in MijnZwitserleven. 

How it works

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Making and saving your choices

You will receive a message about making your choices approximately 6 months before your retirement date. 

Making your choices final

You can make your final choices in MijnZwitserleven from 6 weeks up to 1 week before your retirement date.

Receiving your retirement income

You will receive your retirement income 3 weeks after the end date of the pension policy. 

What choices can you make?

You can adjust your retirement income to your wishes and situation. For example, do you want to postpone your pension until you have reached the state pension age? Or do you want a higher pension in the first years? Below you will find a brief explanation of the different choices.

1. Retire when?

Maybe you are going to work longer and don't need the income yet. Or do you want to start receiving your retirement income at the same time as your state pension. If you want to stop working before your pension starts, you can also bring your pension forward. If you want to retire at a later date, your pension can be postponed. Make sure to communicate your choice before your pension capital is released.

Bringing your pension forward

Pensioen vervroegen

Bringing your pension forward: investment risk increases
If you choose to bring your pension forward, your expected monthly retirement income will be reduced.
Bringing your pension forward: investment risk increases If you choose to bring your pension forward, your expected monthly retirement income will be reduced. Additionally, the investment risk gets higher. You invest in a lifecycle. This means that your investment risk is reduced as your retirement date approaches. If you decide to take your pension earlier, your investment mix will not be adjusted accordingly. The allocation to the investment funds in HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen is always based on the allocation according to your original standard retirement date. Your investment risk will not be reduced accordingly. Therefore, if you bring your pension forward, your investment risk will be higher than if you start receiving your retirement income on your standard retirement date. You can check the allocation to the investment funds here.

2. Partner's pension, yes or no?

Do you have a partner? If you do, you can choose to ensure that your partner receives a lifelong pension upon your death. Your partner can receive up to 70% of your pension. You don’t have a partner or your partner has an income of his or her own? In that case you can choose not to take a partner’s pension and receive a higher retirement income yourself. Your partner must, however, agree to this choice.

Partner's pension fully exchanged

Partnerpensioen volledig uitgeruild

3. Temporary higher retirement income?

For instance, if you still have mortgage payments to make, or you want to travel the world or cover a period without state pension, you could choose to receive a higher amount of retirement income temporarily, for a maximum period of 10 years. The ratio between the higher and lower pension should be 100:75. i.e. the lowest income is at least 75% of your highest income.



4. Commuting a small pension?

Have you built up a small pension? You could choose to commute it on your retirement date. We will send you a proposal.

Personal advice?

An adviser will give you independent advice on making the pension choices that suit your personal situation. 



Once you are retired, you can participate in various workshops and activities.