Transferring capital.

Transferring capital.

You can transfer pension funds you have accrued with other pension providers to Zwitserleven. You use this to purchase a pension income on your retirement date. Very convenient: you have all your pensions on one policy and only pay policy fees once. Read how it works below.

Right to shop around

In many cases, you do not necessarily have to buy your pension income from the pension provider where you accrued it. So be sure to check whether you have the right to shop around. If you do, you can compare the conditions of various pension providers in order to get the best possible pension. You determine what you find important and what is decisive for you with each pension provider: for example, the amount of pension income, the conditions, convenience or sustainability. A financial advisor can help you assess which pension best suits your personal situation.

One retirement date, one rate

If you want to combine different pension funds into one pension income, you can add funds up to your retirement date. However, it is important that all these pension funds start on the same date. Why does this matter? When calculating your total pension income, we take into account the rate at the time. We will show you this rate in the quotation and it will be fixed for 6 weeks after signing. This means that the pension funds you want to place with Zwitserleven must be transferred to us within the 6-week validity period.

How to combine pension funds

  1. Choose your retirement date. To do this, compare the starting dates of all your pension funds and determine the best starting date for you.
  2. If necessary, adjust the starting date of one or more funds. See what you can bring forward or postpone. You can also postpone the commencement date of the pension fund you have accrued at Zwitserleven. Please note that adjusting the original commencement date may affect the amount of your pension income. For more information, see 'When to retire'. Your financial advisor can also tell you more about this.
  3. Determine – preferably with a financial advisor – which choices you want to make for your pension income.
  4. Once you have communicated your choices to us, you will receive a quotation by e-mail* for the total pension capital (all pension funds together) that you wish to place with us based on the choices you have made. You can also find a form for the value transfer here.
    Please note! Please make sure that you and your partner, if any, complete, sign and upload this form on our dedicated webpage as soon as possible. Only when we have received this form can we ask the pension provider(s) where you have a pension fund that you want to transfer the capital to us.

*The amounts in the quotation may differ from your final pension income. This has to do with the investments, the conditions under which the capital has been accrued and the correctness of the information you have given us about your pension fund

If you cannot manage on your own, consult a financial advisor. You can easily find an advisor close to you.
Find an advisor

What you should know about the validity period

The quotation you receive is valid until 14 days after your retirement date. We must receive the pension funds you wish to place at Zwitserleven within that period of validity. So make sure you upload the signed value transfer form as soon as possible. Below you can read what the consequences are if we do not receive your pension funds on time. We distinguish between two situations: A) the situation in which the pension capital for the pension you want consists only of funds you have accrued elsewhere, and B) the situation in which your pension capital also consists of one or more pension funds at Zwitserleven. .

A. Your pension funds have been accrued with another pension provider

Have we received all your funds no later than 14 days after your retirement date? Then we determine your final pension capital and the corresponding pension income. If not, the rate from our previous quotation will be cancelled. As soon as we receive the total pension capital, we will send you a new quotation at the current rate. This rate may be higher or lower than the previous rate. Please note that you will also receive your pension income at a later date.

B. Your pension funds have been accrued with another pension provider and with Zwitserleven

Have we not yet received the total pension capital 14 days after your retirement date? At that time, we will calculate your pension income based on your pension capital at Zwitserleven (and any pension funds that have already been received) at the rate specified in the quotation. In this way, we ensure that you receive your pension income the month after your retirement date. Pension funds that come in later cannot be added. You will receive a new quotation for these at the current rate. This rate may be higher or lower than the previous rate. You also pay distribution and policy fees again, and you may receive this pension income later.

Good to know

Zwitserleven checks whether your application for a value transfer is complete. Only then can we ask your pension provider to initiate the transfer. Do you find it difficult to arrange the value transfer yourself? Then consult an advisor. They will also be happy to help you fill in your application with care.

Like other pension providers, Zwitserleven complies with the Protocol on streamlining Capital Transfers (in Dutch).