What can you do for your pension?

Your pension is an income for later. Within your pension scheme, you have a number of choices. Find out here which ones these could be.

What can I do for my pension?

What can I do for my pension?

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Individual options within your pension scheme

Pension supplementation

Accrue extra retirement income by making an additional contribution each month or by making a single payment. Your employer will withhold this sum from your gross salary.

Combining your pensions

Do you want to combine your pensions? In that case, you should apply for a transfer of accrued benefits and see if it is actually worth it in your case.

Changing your investor profile

Check out your current investor profile. You decide (depending on your scheme) whether you want to run a higher or lower risk when investing your pension contribution.

More certainty?

Do you want more certainty about the amount of your retirement income? Go for, depending on your pension scheme, ZekerheidZwitch or PensioenZekerheid.

Registering a partner

If you are cohabiting, you can register your partner for the partner's pension. If you are married, you don't have to do this.

Orphan's pension for your children

Your children will also receive an amount if you die before your retirement date. Sometimes your employer asks if you want to arrange this orphan's pension.

Would you like to accrue pension on the part exceeding €137,800? It's possible with our net pension scheme.
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What does my pension scheme involve?

Your Pension 1-2-3 provides simple and tiered information about your pension scheme. The following important questions will be answered:

  • What does and doesn't my pension scheme offer?
  • How do I accrue a pension?
  • What choices do I have?
  • How secure is my pension?

You can find your Pension 1-2-3 under Documents in MijnZwitserleven.

With care for the future.

With care for the future.

We invest a share of your pension contributions in organisations that have embraced sustainability and operate fairly and responsibly.

Personal advice?

An adviser will give you independent advice on making the pension choices that suit your personal situation.