Zwitserleven PPI interim figures 2022.
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Zwitserleven PPI interim figures 2022.

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Zwitserleven PPI has published its 2022 interim figures. Down from € 1.591 billion in December 2021 to € 1.480 billion in June 2022, assets under management (invested assets) were hit by declines in the value of financial market investments in the first half of 2022. Contribution volume increased from € 123 million to € 153 million in the same period. This is due to growth in the number of employers served by the PPI, which has increased from 2,900 to more than 3,200.

Client satisfaction

The Zwitserleven PPI does not have a contract term, only a notice period of two months. Hardly any employers left the Zwitserleven PPI. This indicates that after more than eight years, the PPI is a mature company that managed to retain virtually all of its clients.

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This article is published on 08 September 2022

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