How satisfied are employers with Zwitserleven?

How satisfied are employers with Zwitserleven?

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At Zwitserleven, clear communication, sustainability, straightforward management and, of course, service are key areas of attention. Every day, we work hard to serve employers (and participants) to their full satisfaction and give them the Zwitserleven Feeling. But how satisfied are our customers? What are we good at? Where can we improve? To get good answers to these questions, we engage an independent research agency to conduct a customer satisfaction survey among employers twice a year. With the aim of increasing employer satisfaction and improving our services. We are pleased to share the results with you.

The survey

Some 250 employers in total participated in the survey, giving us feedback on our services. For the survey, we use the Net Promoter Score, or NPS. The higher this score, the more satisfied and loyal employers are. The sample size is quite small. The results from this group are thus only an indication. The most important thing for us is that customers are satisfied, and your input helps us to further improve our service. Please let us know your opinion.

The findings

The latest survey took place recently. What were the main findings? The NPS score was unfortunately slightly lower from the previous measurement. So there is room for improvement. Employers felt, for example, that communication could be more proactive and transparent, and they would appreciate more personal contact moments. In addition, employers felt that the speed of service could be improved and MijnZwitserleven for employers was seen as needing an update. Meanwhile, we are already working on an update to MijnZwitserleven. We expect to introduce the improved version towards the end of Q1 '24. We will also of course work on other improvements.

Fortunately, there were also positive points. Our 'promoters', who gave us a 9 or a 10, especially appreciate Zwitserleven's fast, accurate service and reliability. Our aura of sustainability was also appreciated. We certainly intend to maintain these features.

How important is the customer satisfaction survey for Director Employer Solutions Jan Willem Hoitsma?

By listening carefully to our customers, we gain insight into their needs and expectations. Customer feedback is a very valuable resource for me to continuously improve our propositions, customer service and customer experience. We do actually use the findings and we report results back to you twice a year. So we very much hope you will continue to help us improve by participating in our future customer surveys.

Future surveys

The customer satisfaction survey is very valuable. It gives us insight into how customers perceive our services. We will thus continue with future surveys. The next customer satisfaction survey will follow in March 2024, and invitations will be sent to a selected group of customers. A different group will be invited to participate in September.

This article is published on 06 February 2024

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