Employee communication.

If you are planning to change your pension scheme, it is important that you talk to your employees about this. We will take care of this together with your adviser,

A few examples:

Presentations for employees 

If a pension scheme changes, this raises a lot of questions among employees. What does a different pension scheme entail? How will it affect my pension? Will I have to make certain decisions? One of our experts will address all of these topics during a presentation for employees. This can take place at your premises together with your adviser.

One-on-one sessions 

Some employees will prefer to ask questions about their personal pension situation in a one-on-one setting. Issues such as redundancy, divorce and retirement often require a personal explanation. Your employees can use the benefit statements and the online MijnZwitserleven environment to gain a better understanding of their pension.

Some other things we do for your employees 


MijnZwitserleven is a tool especially for your employees. A personal online environment that provides a better and complete insight into their pension accrual. With MijnZwitserleven you draw your employees’ attention even more to this important secondary employment benefit.


With the PensioenMomentje service your employees can ask questions about their pension situation at one of our branches. We cannot and do not give advice. For advice, your employee should contact an adviser or your adviser. Sometimes there will be no need to make an appointment and you or the employee can simply find the information on our website.


We organise PensioenAvonden several times a year at various locations across the country for your employees. One for employees aged 40 to 55 years and one for employees aged 62 or over.

PensioenAvond 40-55 year olds
40 to 55 year-olds are facing a number of important choices about their income for later. A ‘pension evening’ is all about getting more information and a better understanding. But also about the choices people can make for their pension accrual and according to their own pension situation.

PensioenAvonden 62+
Pensions are a hot topic again among employees. Certainly in the group that is approaching retirement age. How much pension will I receive later? What are the choices I have to make? What does the shift in the statutory retirement age means for my pension? During the PensioenAvond your employees will get an answer to all these questions.