RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension.

RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension.

If your employee dies before the retirement date stated in the scheme rules, the surviving dependant receives a guaranteed, temporary pension under the i-Pensioen Surviving dependants’ bridging pension. Your employees are not exposed to any investment risk. The market interest rate determines the amount of the premium you pay for the pension of your employees. Market interest rates go up and down. Your premium will be adjusted to the market interest rates once per contract period.

This is what we call RendementsCorrectie Fixed for NOVP. The RendementsCorrectie has no impact on the pension amounts.For RendementsCorrectie Fixed for NOVP the correction with market interest on the premium is determined once per contract period. We take into account the costs for solvency and asset management. And with the average age of your employees Depending on the market interest rate at the beginning of the contract period, you pay a surcharge or receive a discount for the entire contract period.

More information is available on the current level of discount and surcharge. Zwitserleven considers the long-term market interest rates. We use the SWAP bid rate curve for this purpose.

Rendementscorrectie Fixed for NOVP

In this case, the RendementsCorrectie is fixed at the start of administration agreement. This means that the discount or surcharge on the premium will apply for the entire term of the agreement. In that case, the premium will not depend on fluctuations in market interest rates. 

Solvency and asset management fee 

The solvency and asset management fee together amount to 0.25%. The solvency fee enables us, for example, to guarantee the pensions if the insured parties live longer than expected. The management fee is needed for the management of the pension assets. The solvency and management fee is part of the RendementsCorrectie Fixed for NOVP. Please note: if market interest rates rise, you will not benefit from a reduction in premiums.

We can adjust the RendementsCorrectie Fixed if there are significant changes in the participant base. Or if the rules are amended, for example to increase the standard retirement age.

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As a good employer, you want to choose a pension that is right for your business and for your employees. We have a wide range of options to suit every type of business. Such as an investment-based defined contribution pension scheme, possibly in conjunction with Nettopensioen. A complete overview of our products is available.

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other pension schemes, or would like to get specific advice on a pension scheme for your employees, contact an independent financial adviser. Zwitserleven has an excellent relationship with a large number of professional insurance advisers.