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First job.

Congratulations with your first job! 

Your pension may seem a long way off. Nevertheless, you would be well-advised to look into it now, to make sure your income for later is well taken care of.

What exactly is a pension?

What exactly is a pension?

Pensions are often perceived as very complex but it’s not as bad as it seems.

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What you pay in at the start of your career will ultimately give you the best return.

The pension scheme at your new job

When you start a new job, a lot is going on. Does your new employer have a pension scheme? There are differences between pension schemes. For example: what is and is not included in the pension scheme? And will you be required to contribute to the costs? It is always a good idea to compare pension schemes. And to check out what this means for you personally. By filling in the pension comparison tool you will gain more insight. Our checklist will help you to ask your new employer the right questions.

What else can Zwitserleven do for you in the future?

What else can Zwitserleven do for you in the future?

At Zwitserleven, our goal is to give our customers the Zwitserleven feeling. This means that we want to give everyone the opportunity to shape their own financial future. Now and later, in a simple and accessible way.

Sustainable investment.

Zwitserleven has been voted the most sustainable insurer for four years in a row. Read more.