Good pension arrangements for your partner

If you participate in your employer's pension scheme, a partner's pension is often included. This is a benefit intended for your partner after your death. Check in MijnZwitserleven to see if a partner's pension is included for your partner. 

This is how to make sure everything is taken care of for your partner

If partner pension is standard in your pension plan

Married or registered partnership

If you are married or in a registered partnership, the municipal authorities will notify us that you have a partner and the partner's pension is automatically insured.


Are you cohabiting and would you like your partner to receive a partner's pension after your death? In that case, register your partner with us or your employer.

If partner's pension is a choice in your pension plan

If the partner's pension is not part of your pension plan, you can sometimes still arrange for a voluntary partner's pension. Your employer deducts the extra premiums for this from your gross salary. As a result, you do not pay tax on this. In MijnZwitserleven you can see which options you have. You can also easily activate them.

Partner's pension before your partner receives AOW

A supplement to your partner's income if you die before the agreed retirement date. Your partner receives this supplement until your partner reaches the state pension age.

Partner's pension that your partner receives for life

A lifelong supplement to your partner's income if you die before the agreed retirement date. You can also choose a supplement that increases each year.

If there is no partner's pension in your pension plan

Is there no partner's pension available in your pension plan? There are other options outside your pension plan to ensure that your partner is financially supported when you die. Consider for example death risk insurance. Maybe your partner has enough income of their own. Or you may have savings or other forms of equity. An advisor can help you make a choice that suits your personal situation.

How much is the partner's pension?

The partner's pension will usually be 70% of the old-age pension. Your uniform benefit statement (UBS) will show how much partner's pension is included. In some cases, a partner is entitled to a surviving dependants' benefit insurance from the government.
You can find your UBS under Documents in MijnZwitserleven.

Your situation has changed

Breaking up or divorcing

Your ex-partner is entitled to the partner's pension accrued up to the date when your relationship ended. With the exception of the partner's pension that may or may not have already been allocated to another partner. This is called special partner's pension. The special partner's pension is for your ex-partner upon your death

Waiving the right to special partner's pension

You can agree together to waive the right to a special partner's pension. If you are going to get divorced, this should be stated in the divorce agreement. If you are no longer cohabiting, you can fill in a waiver together and submit it to us.

Leaving your employment

If you leave your current employer, you would be well-advised to check how much partner's pension is insured. The partner's pension may be lower after you leave your employment. Or it can be cancelled altogether if the partner's pension is included on a risk basis. It may also depend on your scheme whether your partner receives the partner's pension for a certain period of time or for life. Read how this is arranged for you and your partner in you Pension 1-2-3.

On you can also see what your surviving dependants will receive if you should die while you are employed and if you leave your employment.

Personal video call about your pension

Do you have any questions about your pension? A personal video call with one of our staff members will quickly give you a better idea about your pension.