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Improved lifecycles.

Lifecycles in investment forms HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen are being renewed

We invest your pension contributions according to our sustainable investment policy. We thus contribute to a better world and strive to provide you with the best possible pension, at a responsible degree of risk. We are adjusting the lifecycles in our HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen investment forms in November 2022. Our reasons for doing this and the implications for you are explained here.

With HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen, we invest your pension money in a mix of shares, real estate, corporate bonds and government bonds. Zwitserleven determines your personal asset mix, and does so on the basis of a lifecycle model. A lifecycle is a particular asset mix, in which risk is reduced as a participant’s standard retirement date approaches.

We regularly assess the relationship between investment risk and return in all the lifecycles together with an independent adviser. If this shows that the lifecycles can be improved, we make the necessary adjustments. We do this to ensure the quality and performance of the lifecycles.

New in the lifecycles

  1. Expansion to include microfinance, mortgages and Ultra Long Duration Fund

    The study showed that the expected returns and sustainability of the lifecycles could be improved. We are doing this by adding new investment funds and adjusting the timelines of the lifecycles.

    Microfinance strengthens sustainability lifecycle

    For instance, the Zwitserleven Selectie fund will now take a limited interest in microfinance. With microfinance, we provide loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and emerging economies. This is a unique addition to lifecycles and one of the improvements we are implementing in November.

    Investing in Dutch mortgages

    We are also adding the new Zwitserleven Credit Hypotheken mix fund, that will now invest in Dutch mortgages as well as corporate bonds. This fund will replace the Zwitserleven Credits fund.

    Better return-risk ratio

    The investments in mortgages and microfinance ensure a better risk spread and the Ultra Long Duration fund protects you even better against interest rate fluctuations. With microfinance, we also strengthen the sustainability of the lifecycle. As a result of these changes, we expect a better return-risk ratio.

    If you are satisfied with your current investor profile, you do not need to take any action. In MijnZwitserleven you can always determine your investor profile again or opt for a different form of investment.

    Investment funds in the lifecycles

  2. Reducing investment risk HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen

    Currently, all lifecycles start with risk reduction 15 years before the retirement date. This is about to change: it will soon depend on your investment form and investor profile at what point we start reducing the investment risk.

Preparing for variable pension from the start of risk reduction

If you have chosen to prepare for a variable pension income, the change to the lifecycle changes the point at which risk reduction starts and prepare for a variable pension income as well, unless your investor profile is Defensive.

If risk reduction has already started and the new point at which risk reduction starts for your investor profile is at a later date, preparing for a variable retirement income will stop. The new start date for preparing for a varaible pensioen income is the start date of risk reduction.


If you are able to opt for ZekerheidZwitch, the date when you start to purchase ZekerheidZwitch will change as a result of the change to the lifecycle. Purchase will begin automatically on the new start date at the rates and interest rates current at the time. No action is needed on your part.

Also useful to know

Small change in investment charges

As we are changing the allocation and adding new funds, there will be a minor change to the
fund charges you pay. The fund charges will increase by an average of 0.01% a year. This
is amply compensated for by the higher expected final pensions.

Transaction costs

Investments are bought and sold to improve your asset mix. The usual margins for this are included in the price. These margins accrue to the funds concerned in full. Zwitserleven does not make any charges for transaction costs.