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Zwitserleven Ultra Long Duration Fonds.

Do you want to invest responsibly in a fund that mainly invests in ultra-long-duration bonds? You can, with the Zwitserleven Ultra Long Duration Fonds. The expected average duration is 37. The Zwitserleven Ultra Long Duration Fonds is only available to institutional investors. Due to technical reasons, the rate cannot be shown in the fund overview. You can find the exchange rate on the ACTIAM website.

What does this fund invest in?

What does this fund invest in?

The fund invests in bonds, interest rate derivatives and money market instruments.

Investment objective

Investment objective

The investment objective of the fund is to aim to replicate a cash flow statement as included in the prospectus with a limited credit risk. The investments in the portfolio have, on average, a very long term. The fund has no benchmark.

How does this fund invest?

How does this fund invest?

The fund invests actively. This means that the fund manager tries to select the best loans in order to achieve the highest possible return.

How sustainably does the fund invest?

Zwitserleven and its fund managers have chosen to implement a sustainable investment policy. We only invest in companies which pass a sustainability test based on so-called environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. If unethical behaviour is demonstrated, we simply do not invest in that company. In addition, we encourage companies we invest in to make ethical choices. We do so by means of engagement. By entering into a dialogue with these companies and by using our voting rights at shareholders' meetings.

What are the fund costs?

The fund costs are charged monthly and consist of:

  • Total Expense Ratio, which is offset in the investment fund. The expected Total Expense Ratio of the Zwitserleven Ultra Long Duration Fonds is 0.04% per year.
  • Management fees paid in the policy. Information about management fees is included in your pension scheme rules.
  • The fund incurs costs for the subscription and withdrawal of investors. This is the case because the fund has to buy or sell investments. These costs are recharged via a positive or negative margin on the price. The spread is 0.20%.
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Any questions?

Have a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us.

Zwitserleven Ultra Duration Fonds is a subfund of Zwitserleven Beleggingsfondsen. The manager of Zwitserleven Ultra Duration Fonds is ACTIAM. Zwitserleven Ultra Duration Fund and ACTIAM are registered with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). For this subfund, a prospectus and Key Investor Information are available on The information shown on this web page may not be regarded as investment advice.