Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds.

The Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds invests in fixed-income securities and has a long duration. The expected average duration is approximately 8 years.

What does the fund invest in?

The fund invests, through the underlying investment fund Cardano Medium Duration Fund, in bonds, money market instruments, money market funds and interest rate derivatives (all in euros), whereby minimum ratings are set for each investment instrument. The average rating of the portfolio is at least AA-.

What is the investment objective?

The fund's investment objective is to align the interest rate sensitivity of investments with that of liabilities for insurance products. To achieve that, the fund aims to replicate the cash flow statement as included in the prospectus. The fund has no benchmark.

How does the fund invest?

The fund pursues an active policy with regard to the choice of bonds and the ratio between bonds and interest rate derivatives. There is no active duration policy.

How sustainable and responsible does the fund invest?

How sustainable and responsible does the fund invest?

With the Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds, Zwitserleven has opted for a fund with a socially responsible investment policy. The fund promotes environmental and social characteristics, as referred to in Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). You can read about these characteristics in detail in chapter 11.2 and in the appendix from page 109 of the prospectus Zwitserleven Institutionele Beleggingsfondsen at the bottom of this page. A summary of the sustainability information can be found in the Duurzaamheidsinformatie Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds also at the bottom of this page. Information about the developments and results of the past year with regard to sustainability can be found in chapter 1.11 of the Annual Report Zwitserleven Institutionele Beleggingsfondsen.

What fund costs are charged?

Fund costs are charged and consist of:

  • Ongoing Charges Figure, which is charged daily to the fund's price. The expected Ongoing Charges Figure of the Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds is 0.04% per annum.
  • Management fees that are settled with the investment value every month. Information about management fees can be found in your pension scheme rules.
  • The fund charges a fee when investors are entering or exiting the fund, because it must buy or sell investments. Therefore the fund charges an entry fee or an exit fee on the net asset value of the fund. The entry fee is 0.05% and the exit fee is 0.025%.
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Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds is a sub fund of Zwitserleven Institutionele Beleggingsfondsen. The manager of Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds is Cardano Asset Management N.V.. Zwitserleven Medium Duration Fonds and Cardano Asset Management N.V. are registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). For this sub fund, a prospectus and Key Information Document are available on The information shown on this web page may not be regarded as investment advice.