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Zwitserleven leads the way in sustainable investing.

Zwitserleven, as part of Athora Netherlands, has the most sustainable investment policy in the Netherlands. This is apparent from the annual benchmark 'Responsible Investing by Insurers in the Netherlands' of the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO).

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Zwitserleven online payroll link for your employees.

Many employers know how it is: a new employee has been in service for a while but is not yet registered for the pension scheme. Or someone receives a pay rise that influences his or her pension contribution.

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Engaging to counter deforestation.

Engaging to counter deforestation. The consequences of deforestation are huge: species of trees, plants and animals disappear forever, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere increase and the quality of the air we breathe decreases. Engaging to counter deforestation.

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Sustainable or greenwashed?

Europe wants investors to be more transparent about the climate risks that are in their portfolios and sustainability. Discover how it goes with the funds of Zwitserleven.

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Engagement in the palm oil sector.

How can we make the extraction of palm oil more sustainable? Can influential companies in the palm oil sector bring about a behavioural change? Zwitserleven and ACTIAM are ready to enter into a dialogue.

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Zwitserleven invests in a greener Netherlands.

Zwitserleven has recently invested in the green obligation of the Dutch state. This makes it possible for Zwitserleven to borrow money to the government with the guarantee that money is only being invested in sustainable projects.

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Sustainability scores of funds.

Because we are open and transparent about our investment policy, the ESG scores, CO2 emissions and water consumption of our investment funds are now on our funds page. Check it out.

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