Our values.

This is what makes Zwitserleven unique

We want to give our customers the Zwitserleven Feeling. We do this by giving everyone the opportunity to shape their own financial future. Now and later, in a simple and accessible way. That's what we strive for every day.


Of course, we not only want the best for our customers, but also for the planet. That's why we do everything we can to contribute to a better world with our investments.

For instance, we have drawn up a sustainable investment policy. Supporting green bond projects and other sustainable initiatives are top priorities. We are very proud that our efforts are acknowledged both at home and abroad.


Freedom is knowing now that you've taken care of everything for later. We are more than happy to help you with that. For example, by telling you all about the eight events in life that are important for your income later. Our solutions offer Dutch individuals the opportunity to save for their pension. And to be properly insured in the event of death or occupational disability.


Zwitserleven helps people understand their pension and gives them a realistic idea of what to expect financially.

That’s the only way that you can make the right choices for your financial future. And that's why we offer qualitative, easy-to-understand products. Handy tools and clear communication help us give employees correct insights. Because if you want to make the right choices, you have to be able to understand what it's about.