What is ProfielBeleggen?

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Zwitserleven ProfielBeleggen allows employers and employees to invest in a carefree manner. ProfielBeleggen comprises five life cycles, ranging from cautious to offensive. Zwitserleven determines the composition of the invested pension contributions, based on a 'lifecycle model'.

ProfielBeleggen allows the employee to enjoy the convenience of an automatic life cycle, with the added option of adjusting the life cycle to better reflect the personal investment profile. ProfielBeleggen differs to HorizonBeleggen in that the investment profile is determined on the basis of a completed questionnaire. This is also why it is referred to as ProfielBeleggen. The profile determines which life cycle is the best match for your employee.


Your employee determines the profile, Zwitserleven invests

The exact composition of the asset mix and the rate at which the investment risk is scaled back depends on the personal profile. The investment profile plays an important role as well. If the investment profile indicates the employee is willing to incur more investment risk, investments will be made that involve a greater degree of risk than would otherwise have been the case. Zwitserleven manages your investments but is not responsible for returns on investments and whether these are adequate for a pension. The employee bears responsibility for ensuring the investment profile still matches the personal investment profile.



How does an employee prepare for a variable pension?

The employee will need to make an important decision 15 years before the standard retirement date as they will be asked whether they want their asset mix to be prepared for a variable pension. This can be done for a portion or all of the investment value.

The employee will complete a questionnaire on their personal portal, which will reveal the amount of investment risk they are willing to incur, what they consider to be most important with respect to their pension and which decision is best suited to them.

The employee is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the questionnaire. It is also their decision whether they invest in a manner that is in line with the accompanying profile. The asset mix in the profile is tailored to the employee's preferences. An individual asset mix is used, which scales back the investment risk, to a greater or lesser extent, as the retirement date approaches.

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