Occupational disability.

Your pensions in the event of occupational disability.

At some point you may become unfit for work, due to an accident or illness. That will have a lot of implications. For yourself, your family and your salary. Your pension insurance will usually provide that your pension accrual continues. You will then pay a lower contribution or no contribution at all.

Occupational disability and your pension.

Occupational disability and your pension.

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How much pension did you accrue?

Occupational disability can have an impact on your pension accrual. MijnZwitserleven provides an overview of your current situation.

What happens if you become incapacitated for work? 

If an employee falls ill on a long-term basis, they will initially continue to receive their normal salary from the employer. You will usually be paid 100% of your salary during the first year of your illness and 70% of your last-earned salary in the second year. If you are unable to resume work after 2 years, you will become subject to the Dutch Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA). The WIA is the successor to the WAO (Occupational Disability Benefits Act). The amount of your WIA benefit will depend on the degree of occupational disability and your previous salary.