Returns on lifecycles.

Zwitserleven HorizonBeleggen (English: HorizonInvestment), means we are investing for you so that you do not have to worry about it.  Based on your age and years left until the retirement date is reached, we invest your pension capital in a mix of shares, real estate, company bonds and state bonds. Zwitserleven takes care of the individual mix of the investments. This is done based on what we call a 'lifecycle model'. The lifecycle model is designed in such a way that you maximize the chance for a good returns at the same time as a continuous reduction of risks. The investment risk is reduced step by step, something that does not require any additional steps for you. At HorizonBeleggen, your retirement date shapes the horizon for the investments within your pension. 

ProfielBeleggen (English: ProfileInvestment), allows you the ease of an automatic lifecycle with the possibility of aligning the investments more optimally on your personal investment profile. The investment profile will be determined based on a questionnaire, which will generate which lifecycle suits you best. ProfielBeleggen exists of five lifecycles, ranging from conservative to bold. 

Returns on lifecycles

Returns on lifecycles

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Pay attention: Investing carries certain risks along with it. Results achieved in the past give no guarantee for the future. The returns of HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen on our website are used as an example. There can be no rights derived from them. The named returns are before deduction of costs. We call this gross fund performance. There can be a difference between the example returns as displayed on our website and your real returns. Your adviser can inform you further on this matter. More information can be found in the prospectus, the yearly report and the essential investors information. You can naturally also contact your employer, your adviser or the employee desk. 

Pay attention: Investing with your pension capital is always risky! Your pension is not guaranteed. This holds for all investment forms. 

Are you about to retire?

An important moment in your life! It is of course useful to start thinking about your pension. Not only important to decide how you are going to be filling your days, the financial side requires some preparation too. Zwitserleven tells you what to expect.