Investment form ProfielBeleggen.

With Zwitserleven ProfielBeleggen, you invest in one of the lifecycles managed by Zwitserleven. A lifecycle is a certain mix of investments, in which the risk is reduced as the standard retirement date approaches. ProfielBeleggen consists of five lifecycles, ranging from cautious to offensive.

You determine the investor profile, Zwitserleven invests in the corresponding lifecycle

Depending on the lifecycle, the composition and scale back of the investment risk will be different. This is why your investor profile is important. Does your investor profile show that you want to take a higher or lower risk? In that case, you should invest in a different lifecycle. Zwitserleven will make these adjustments, but is not responsible for returns on investments and whether these are adequate for a pension. You must ensure that your investor profile matches your personal situation. Therefore, you would be well-advised to check once a year whether your investor profile still suits you.

How does ProfielBeleggen work?

How does ProfielBeleggen work?

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Improved lifecycles

In November 2022, we updated the lifecycles in our HorizonBeleggen and ProfileBeleggen investment forms. We did this to ensure the quality and performance of the lifecycles.

The changes at a glance:

  • Expansion of the lifecycle with microfinance, mortgages and Ultra Long Duration Fund
  • Reducing investment risk ProfielBeleggen

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This will change the reduction of investment risk

After the change, the point at which we start to reduce your investment risk will also change. This used to be 15 years before the retirement date. After the change, this will depend on your investor profile.

Investor profile Start of risk reduction
Conservative 18 years before retirement date
Defensive 15 years before retirement date (unchanged)
Neutral 12 years before retirement date
Ambitious 10 years before retirement date
Offensive 8 years before retirement date

Risk reduction will start later for the Neutral, Ambitious and Offensive investor profiles. This means we will invest in equity funds for longer. This will be offset by better risk diversification.

If you are already in the risk reduction phase of the Neutral, Ambitious or Offensive profile, the change will lead to a greater reallocation of your accrued capital, because risk reduction will now start later in the new lifecycle. No action is needed on your part for this.

Risk reduction will begin earlier for the Conservative investor profile.

How can you prepare yourself for a variable benefit?

An important moment of choice is 15 years prior the standard retirement date. That is when we request you to prepare the mix of your investments for a variable benefit. This can be done for the entire value of plan assets, or for a part of that. 

In MijnZwitserleven you can fill in a questionnaire. This questionnaire will result in an indication of how much risk you are prepared to take, and what your priorities are for your pension. In addition to this, it will give you an indication as to which choice best suits you. 

You are responsible for the outcome of the questionnaire and the decision as to whether you want to invest in the corresponded profile as generated by this questionnaire. The mix of investments in this profile is as much as possible in line with your choices. Furthermore, an individual mix of investments more or less reduces the risks of investments until the retirement date.

View your current investment mix

Final phase of your pension accrual

The final phase of your pension accrual may require additional explanation. You build up a pension capital by investing. With this you buy a pension income on your retirement date. The amount of capital not only determines the amount of your pension income. The level of the pension rate at that time is also important. If we say that your investment mix is becoming less risky, we mainly look at the level of the pension benefit you receive and not at the level of the accrued capital. We therefore also take the pension rate into account.

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