Investment form ProfielBeleggen.

With Zwitserleven ProfielBeleggen, you invest in one of the lifecycles managed by Zwitserleven. A lifecycle is a certain mix of investments, in which the risk is reduced as the standard retirement date approaches. ProfielBeleggen consists of five lifecycles, ranging from cautious to offensive.

You determine the investor profile, Zwitserleven invests in the corresponding lifecycle

Depending on the lifecycle, the composition and scale back of the investment risk will be different. This is why your investor profile is important. Does your investor profile show that you want to take a higher or lower risk? In that case, you should invest in a different lifecycle. Zwitserleven will make these adjustments, but is not responsible for returns on investments and whether these are adequate for a pension. You must ensure that your investor profile matches your personal situation. Therefore, you would be well-advised to check once a year whether your investor profile still suits you.

How does ProfielBeleggen work?

How does ProfielBeleggen work?

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Preparing for a variable retirement income

From the date your pension comes into payment, you will receive either fixed or variable benefits. It is important to reflect on this choice well in advance. Because if your provisional choice is a variable pension, we will prepare for this in advance. We will invest differently from the date the investment risk is reduced until the date your pension comes into payment. We call this gearing your assets towards a variable pension income. You can do this for all or part of the value of your plan assets. This way, we will ensure that in the period that you are accumulating capital for your pension, your assets will be tailored to your wishes in the period that you receive your pension.

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View your current investment mix

Final phase of your pension accrual

The final phase of your pension accrual may require additional explanation. You build up a pension capital by investing. With this you buy a pension income on your retirement date. The amount of capital not only determines the amount of your pension income. The level of the pension rate at that time is also important. If we say that your investment mix is becoming less risky, we mainly look at the level of the pension benefit you receive and not at the level of the accrued capital. We therefore also take the pension rate into account.

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