With which investment form do you need an investment profile?

You have a pension scheme through your employer, in which the contribution is invested. Your employer has selected one of the three investment forms: HorizonBeleggen (English: HorizonInvestment), ProfielBeleggen (English: ProfileInvestment) and VrijBeleggen (English: IndependentInvestment).


With the HorizonBeleggen investment form, we invest for you. No investor profile is required for this type of investment.


With the ProfielBeleggen investment form, we invest for you based on your investor profile. In this case, it is important to determine your investor profile. You can do so in MijnZwitserleven.


With the VrijBeleggen investment form, you decide how you invest and make adjustments to the asset mix yourself. You are responsible to make sure that the risks you are taking with your investments is in line with your investor profile. Each year, Zwitserleven compares the risk spread of your investments with the risk spread associated with your investor profile and the term to your standard retirement date. In this case, it is important to determine your investor profile. You can do so in MijnZwitserleven.

Where do I find my investment profile and can I adjust this?

In MijnZwitserleven you can see which investment profile you have. You can view your investment profile and determine and change (again). This is possible if you have ProfielBeleggen or VrijBeleggen as your investment form.

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View the prices of all investment funds offered by Zwitserleven and its fund managers. A number of funds also show the ESG scores, CO2 emissions and water use.

Financial risk
With your investments you finance a benefit that can be used on the retirement date for the pension benefits. The size of the pension benefits is not guaranteed. Thus you run a financial risk. The size of the investment premium of your employer and the returns on the investments both influence the size of the capital on your retirement date. This benefit and the rate for the purchase of a pension income on your retirement date determine the size of your pension income.
You receive information from us once a year about the risks of your investments for your pension. We check whether those risks correspond with the risk that you are willing to take.

Your pension contributions go towards sustainable investments.

Your pension contributions go towards sustainable investments.

The Zwitserleven Feeling is inextricably linked to a beautiful world.  Your pension contribution is invested in sustainable investment funds.   

Personal advice?

An adviser will give you independent advice on making the pension choices that suit your personal situation.