ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds

With the ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds you can invest in a mix of global equities that meet ASN’s sustainability criteria. This fund is not available for all Zwitserleven pension products. Whether you can invest in this fund can be found in your pension scheme rules.

What does the fund invest in?

The fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of equities that increasingly contribute to ASN's investment objectives. The companies must also meet the ASN Sustainability Criteria. You can read these criteria in chapter 4 of the prospectus ASN Beleggingsfondsen UCITS at the bottom of this page.

What is the investment objective?

The fund has the following Sustainable Investment Objectives:

  • Minimizing annual CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement
  • Minimizing the negative impact on biodiversity per invested euro compared to the base year of 2019
  • Implementing all necessary processes to make a living wage accessible to factory workers in the chain of the clothing industry by 2030.

The financial investment objective of the fund is to achieve a better return in the long term than the benchmark.

    How does the fund invest?

    The fund invests actively. This means that the fund manager tries to select the best shares in order to achieve the highest possible return. Of course, all investments must meet the sustainability criteria. You can read these criteria in Chapter 4 of the Prospectus ASN Investment Funds UCITS.

    How sustainable and responsible does the fund invest?

    How sustainable and responsible does the fund invest?

    ASN Impact Investors has developed an extremely cautious investment process that is based on contributing to positive effects on society and the environment and avoiding adverse consequences of investments. The Funds invest in different categories of assets and, partly as a result of this, each have individual specific Sustainable Investment Objectives and return objectives You can read these for all investments in chapter 4 and specifically for the fund in chapter 15 of the Prospectus ASN Beleggingsfondsen UCITS. The investment process is based on the sustainability policy of ASN Impact Investors, which ensures that each Fund is invested in economic activities which do not have any serious adverse consequences for people or the environment and which observe good governance practices. This policy is based on a broad selection of sustainability factors, in particular three pillars: human rights, climate and biodiversity.

    What fund costs are charged?

    Fund costs are charged and consist of:

    • Ongoing Charges Figure, which is charged daily to the fund's price. The expected Ongoing Charges Figure of the ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds is 0.85% per annum.
    • Management fees that are settled with the investment value every month. Information about management fees can be found in your pension scheme rules.
    • The fund charges a fee when investors are entering or exiting the fund. As the fund must buy or sell investments. Therefore the funds charges an entry fee or an exit fee on the net asset value of the fund. The entry fee is 0.125% and the exit fee is 0.05%
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