Athora Netherlands to acquire WTW’s PPI in the Netherlands.

Athora Netherlands to acquire WTW’s PPI in the Netherlands.

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Athora Netherlands, Zwitserleven’s parent company, and WTW have agreed on an acquisition of WTW’s PPI in the Netherlands. The transaction involves a transfer of sponsorship from WTW to Athora Netherlands, after which the PPI will eventually become an integral part of the market-leading Zwitserleven PPI offering in the Netherlands, while retaining current key client propositions. 

In line with its strategy, Athora Netherlands is cementing its leading position in the Dutch pension market with this transaction. The acquisition will result in combined PPI assets under management of around EUR 2.7 billion and about 126,000 participants (year end 2021), and just over EUR 400 million in premium income (2021).

Completion of the transaction is scheduled for early 2023 and is subject to customary conditions, including obtaining regulatory approval and consulting the works councils. Until then, WTW’s PPI and Zwitserleven PPI will continue to operate in the market as separate and independent organisations. 

This article is published on 18 October 2022

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