Fake email (phishing)

Fake Zwitserleven emails in circulation

Two phishing emails are currently doing the rounds pretending to be from Zwitserleven. In one email you are asked if you would like to become a Zwitserleven customer and open a Zwitserleven Savings Account. The other email invites you to submit your income tax return online. If you follow the link, you will not be directed to a genuine Zwitserleven page, but to a fake page. These emails are definitely intended to cause harm. You will also be asked to fill in your personal details.

What can you do?

If you have received one or more of these emails, please report them to valse-email@athora.nl. Please delete them and do not reply to them.

Examples of emails

These are current examples of phishing emails.

Email subject: Saving with zwitserleven 

This email is fake. Zwitserleven is not the sender. If you hover your mouse (or finger on your mobile phone) over the link in the email, you will see that the link does not start with https://www.zwitserleven.nl. Do not click on this link! If you have done so accidentally, you will be directed to a page showing a form where you can sign up for a savings account. Do not fill in your details and click the page away.

screenshot mail sparen bij zwitserleven.png

Aanmelden spaarrekening

Email subject: Digital income tax return!! 

This email is fake. Do not click on the link in the email. Delete the email or mark it as spam. 

screenshot mail digitale aangifte inkomstenbelasting.png