Promotional terms and conditions digital mail MijnZwitserleven.

1. Every customer/participant of SRLEV N.V. and Zwitserleven PPI N.V. (hereinafter referred to as Zwitserleven) who provides their e-mail address and consents to digital communication about their Zwitserleven pension through MijnZwitserleven during the promotional period will have a chance to win a VanMoof S5 e-bike to the value of € 2.998,-.

2. You will not receive a confirmation of your participation.

3. Zwitserleven customers who have previously consented to digital communication are excluded from this promotion.

4. The promotional period runs from 1 April 2023 through to 30 June 2023.

5. Zwitserleven will draw the e-bike winner in July 2023. We will inform the winners by e-mail using the e-mail address they have communicated to us. They will receive the prize at the address known to us.

6. By providing their e-mail address and consenting to digital communication, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions of this promotion.

7. To draw the winner, personal data is being processed. For general information about the processing of personal data you can consult the privacy statement of Zwitserleven.

8. Any gaming tax will be borne by Zwitserleven and settled with the Tax and Customs Administration by Zwitserleven. The e-bike winner does not have to do anything in this regard.

9. A participant can enter the promotion once for a chance to win 1 e-bike.

10. The e-bike cannot be exchanged and is not redeemable for cash.

11. The e-bike comes without any services, insurance and accessories.

12. Delivery of the bike will be done by VanMoof. Zwitserleven is not responsible for delivery.

13. Zwitserleven is not responsible for any errors made by or on the part of VanMoof (e.g. defects or usage problems of the bike) or for damages as a result of using the bike.

14. Zwitserleven reserves the right to make changes to and/or end this promotion without stating its reasons and without prior notice or further notice afterwards.

15. Zwitserleven is not responsible for any errors or defects in respect of the e-bike.

16. Spelling mistakes and printing, typesetting or similar errors cannot be enforced against Zwitserleven and will not lead to any obligations on the part of Zwitserleven.

17. Provider of this promotion is Zwitserleven, a trade name of SRLEV N.V., having its principal place of business in Alkmaar and it registered office in Amsterdam (CoC 34297413).

18. For complaints about this promotion, you can contact Zwitserleven via phone number 020 347 8894. Do you prefer to file your complaint by mail? You can send it to it the following address: Zwitserleven under indication of complaint, Postbus 5000, 1180 KA Amstelveen

Go to, change your postal preference to digital and stand a chance to win the VanMoof S5 e-bike.